Are AirPods Waterproof?
By Team E.
Apr 18, 24

Are AirPods Waterproof?

Are AirPods Waterproof?

Are AirPods Waterproof?

In today’s world, our gadgets often accompany us to the gym, jogging, and even on the beach; thus, their resistance against natural elements is becoming more significant. Are Apple’s AirPods up to this task? We prepared an elaborate guide, examined the water-resistant capabilities of Apple AirPods, and provided useful tips for handling moisture.

Are all Apple Earbuds Waterproof?

Not all Apple AirPods are equal in terms of water resistance. The original wireless earbuds started with no official ratings for water protection. However, things have changed, with new models designed to last longer.

Knowing Your Model. To answer the question “Are AirPods waterproof?” it is very important that you know which model you have.

Interesting To Know: The Progression of AirPods' Water Resistance

Apple has been gradually improving its waterproofing capabilities over time as part of its business strategy:

  • Original AirPods (1st Generation). Came into existence in 2016 lacking any form of water resistance.
  • AirPods (2nd Generation). Were introduced in 2019 without any official rating concerning their resilience in the presence of water.
  • AirPods Pro. It was launched in 2019 with an IPX4 rating, considerably improving from the other models.
  • AirPods Max. It hit the market in 2020, showing that the IPX4 was still relevant regarding over-ear headphones.

Thus far, neither first-generation nor second-generation Apple air pods are marketed as having waterproof features. Consequently, people who would like to use them while working out or during rainstorms are exposed to the dangers of such a move. On the other hand, later models with water resistance properties have been shown to be stronger in wet conditions.

The inclusion of water resistance in the AirPods Pro and Max design represents Apple's response to consumer needs for more robust and lifestyle-friendly devices.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant: What’s the Difference?

Understanding these terms is crucial because knowing what they mean will prevent unnecessary losses or expenses. For instance, if you dive with your water-resistant AirPods on, they might not work anymore.

Not All Wet Conditions Are Equal

When we say something is waterproof, our mind quickly goes to a situation where it can be submerged without worry. On the other hand, being water-resistant means it can withstand sweat and splashes. If you still ask, “Are Apple earbuds waterproof?” None of Apple’s AirPods are completely waterproof. Notably, they can resist moisture to a certain level only.

What is an IPX4 Rating?

When Apple came up with AirPods Pro with an IPX4 rating, there was some confusion surrounding this term. The rating indicates that these earbuds can handle splashes of water from all directions. This does not mean one should go swimming with them, but it will assure someone who wants to do exercises while sweating or walking in the rain.

Beyond Splashes: The Limits of Resistance

In fact, AirPods Pro and Max's IPX4 rating mainly covers cases when there is splashing water on them. This implies that one can safely run or exercise in light rain showers or misty gym air without worrying about their earphones getting spoilt by sweat drops. There are limits within which this resistance applies, as indicated below by practical examples for your convenience in situations where your AirPods have received an IPX4 grading.

Beyond Splashes: The Limits of Resistance

What can be Done:

  • Exercise. Wear them when you are having a sweaty exercise or a run. The AirPods Pro and Max would still work even if they get wet with perspiration or water.
  • Walking in the Rain. Caught in light rain? Your Apple AirPods will be fine.
  • Accidental Splashes. Did you spill your drink? Simply wiping your Apple AirPods would prevent any harm to it.

Avoid these:

  • Swimming: Stay away from swimming pools, beaches, and ocean floors.
  • Showering: The nature of shower water is such that it may leak through the airport’s casing.
  • Water Sports: Activities like water skiing, surfing, or sailing that have the potential to result in your earbuds falling into the water should be avoided at all costs

Explanation of IP Ratings

IP ratings come as two numbers: one for solid particle protection and the other for liquids. An ‘X’ on IPX4 means there is no data available on dustproofness, while 4 indicates resistance to splashing water.

What if Your AirPod Got Wet?

Immediate actions. Sometimes accidents happen, and you might end up getting your AirPods wetter than usual. In case this happens, don’t panic. Instead, dry them gently using a soft, non-linting cloth without applying heat or airflow, which can force moisture further inside.

Long-term Care. Afterward, let your AirPods stay in an open area with ventilation to air-dry themselves. They must be dry before being placed back inside their charging cases or connected for recharging to prevent damage to battery life or electrical components.

How Can You Extend Your AirPods Lifespan?

How Can You Extend Your AirPods Lifespan?

It is important that you use your Apple AirPods responsibly. Even though they can survive minor sprinkling of some liquids, this does not mean you test their limits. Otherwise, wear them only in non-immersive circumstances and avoid exposing them to high-pressure water streams.

Also we can reccomend to check our AirPods cases, that can protect your AirPods from damages, and even water.

When Not to Take AirPods

Remember, everything has its own time and place. Walking through the woods Orase might recommend taking in the sounds of nature while on a hike or listening to the waves crash onto the beach without any electronic intermediaries. It's good for both your soul and your AirPods.

To sum up, the answer to “Are AirPods waterproof?” is “not actually”. While Apple’s AirPods are water resistant, starting with the Pro version, does not mean they are indestructible or waterproof speakers. Take care of them, know their limitations, and you won’t be disappointed. So remember if you just got wet by chance, don’t get excited; you can still enjoy your favorite tune without any glitches for a much longer duration as well.
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