magnets and mobile phones
By Team E.
May 31, 24

Can Magnetic Accessories Damage Your Phone?

magnets and mobile phones

Can Magnetic Accessories Damage Your Phone?

If you are here, you are probably wondering whether those cool magnetic accessories can mess up your phone. It’s a good question, especially given the flood of magnetic mounts, cases, and chargers flooding the market. Let us get into the details and discover whether these magnetic gizmos are friends or enemies of your reliable device.

How Magnetic Accessories Work

Magnet on phone accessories are highly useful. They employ magnets to securely hold your phone onto mounts, cases, or chargers. For example, magnetic car mounts make it easy to use your phone for navigation without fiddling with clips. Magnetic cases can be attached/detached quickly, and some wireless chargers use magnets to align your phone’s position for charging.

Generally, these accessories contain little safe magnets just strong enough to hold your phone in place but typically not powerful enough to damage it. However, let’s see how they interact with phone components.

Magnets and Your Phone’s Hardware

Magnets and Your Phone’s Hardware

Firstly, modern smartphones are made to handle small magnets. These magnets don’t affect any parts of your phone, such as screens, batteries, circuits, etc. Why?

Screen And Display

Your mobile phone screen will not be affected by magnets. The type of display technology used on smartphones is not magnetic sensitive (this is because it does not need an electronic signal). Consequently, this means that there is no worry regarding its impact on the screen from any magnet.


Lithium-ion batteries powering most smartphones aren’t influenced by magnets either. Even though cell phones have gotten smaller over time, their size has stayed the same since the invention of cell phones, unlike personal computers, which got smaller because of technological advances in transistors and miniaturization. Besides, magnets will not cause any drainage to your battery or make it overheat. Your phone’s battery is always under magnetic field protection.

Circuits and Sensors

Your phone circuits and sensors are made to be strong. Super powerful magnets could possibly affect a few sensors however, little ones in accessories can’t do anything wrong by way of harm (I mean). For instance, if you bring a strong magnet near your phone’s compass, it will get slightly confused, but once you remove the magnet, it will return to normal.

Magnetic Accessories and Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has become so popular that some of the magnetic accessories out have been developed specifically for this purpose. However, does magnetic interfere with wireless charging? Not much, though. Here is what we should know:

Wireless chargers transfer power to your phone through electromagnetic fields. Generally speaking, magnetic accessories comprise magnets situated far away from charging coils; they do not interfere with these chargers at all. In fact, some of them use magnets to aid in aligning your device properly, making the whole process more efficient.

However, when using a magnet on a phone case or mount, ensure that it is meant for wireless charging purposes. Some products might block these chargers, slowing down the speed at which you charge or even making them useless.

Practical Tips for Using Magnetic Accessories

Practical Tips for Using Magnetic Accessories

Okay, now that we’ve understood the basics, let’s provide some tips on how best to use magnetic accessories with your mobile:

  1. Quality Matters: Buy high-quality magnetic accessories from reputable brands since low-cost ones may be poorly designed.
  2. Check Compatibility: If you use a wireless charging system, ensure that your magnetic accessory can work well with it. Knowingly purchase items labeled safe for wireless charging only.
  3. Avoid Overpowering Magnets: Always settle on accessories with small, safe magnets, and stay away from heavy industrial ones, as they may interfere with your phone.
  4. Proof it: If your device experiences strange behavior, such as a wonky compass or slower charging, try detaching the magnetic accessory to see if it helps in any way.

Magnets And Mobile Phones – Good Idea?

Therefore, are magnetic accessories an issue with your phone? For the most part, you’re in the clear. Modern smartphones are designed to handle small magnets without any issues. Magnetic mounts, cases, and chargers are convenient and generally safe to use.

High-quality products and checking compatibility (especially for wireless charging) will help you remember this so that you may enjoy using magnetic accessories without worrying about their effects on your smartphone.

Happy accessorizing!

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