Hints for Choosing Your Ideal Phone Case
By Team E.
May 17, 24

Hints for Choosing Your Ideal Phone Case

Hints for Choosing Your Ideal Phone Case

Hints for Choosing Your Ideal Phone Case

Hey! It may appear challenging to select the appropriate phone case among the numerous options available in the market. Even the direct research “phone cases good” doesn’t guarantee that you will find the perfect one. But no need to worry, that’s our job. First, you need to understand your expectations from a phone case. Do you want something fashionable? Or a durable one for your adventures? Perhaps both? Let’s break it down.

Define Your Needs

To begin with, consider how you lead your life each day. If you like to move around, go to the gym, and socialize, you should buy a case that can move with you. The one with a high grip and long durability will do if this is your type of description. If you like fashion, choose cases that look stylish and sleek. If you're not agile, choose strong cases that absorb shock.

Next, reflect on whether or not you change cases regularly. Some people keep changing their cases depending on their mood or dressing style every time. People like these can opt for cheaper but classic ones, whereas others prefer maintaining one protection-assured phone cover over time.

Looking For The Best Phone Cases: Quality of Materials

Looking For The Best Phone Cases: Quality of Materials

In mobile phone cases, the material is everything because it determines everything from protection level to style and how the phone feels in the hand when used as a cover. We shall look into different kinds of materials and what each one offers.

Silicone and Rubber Cases

If all you need is a soft, grippy thing, silicone and rubber-made examples are excellent solutions. Their good shock absorption makes them ideal for holding your mobile gadget after dropping it. Plus, they are usually thin enough not to be convenient when holding. It's hard to see a dirtless smartphone in such a situation because it can attract lint and dust.


On the other hand, plastic shells offer better smoothness compared to clothed outfits. They are light and usually have different decorations and colors. Nevertheless, drop protection is not as strong in this case compared to other materials. If you decide to get a plastic shell, opt for one made from powerful polycarbonate material, which is more lasting.

Leather Cases

These are considered to be luxurious. Leather material looks very expensive too. As leather ages, it develops a unique patina that makes the casing look better. These provide some protection but are attractive when you need something good. Be advised that they may be unable to counter heavy falls compared to silicone or rubber.


Another option is to use metallic cases, which are extremely solid enough to provide better safeguarding services if applied. They are suitable for those who require robust covers. However, metal cases add weight to your mobile phone, thus interfering with wireless charging technology. If you select such an option, then choose one with a lining composed of rubber or silicon to protect the phone.

Artistic Attributes

Your phone case should reflect your style. It’s like dressing up your phone in clothes. How can you find the right design?

Variety of Colors & Patterns

Variety of Colors & Patterns

There is a limitless selection in the colorization field. Do you like bright ones that will make a statement or calm, sophisticated tones? For others, it’s about designing, like flowers, drawings through geometric lines, or custom-made wallpapers. Try to think about what makes you happy so that you can select a cover that represents your individuality.

Themes and Collections

Many brands, like Orase, have themed collections. For example, you can find cases celebrating the different aspects of life, such as the Marble Collection, which adds an elegant touch, or the Retro Collection, which gives a nostalgic vibe. There are also themed cases meant for hobbies and interests like travel or art. Through these collections, one may find a case that genuinely resonates with them.


There are brands whose phone cases can be customized. You can have your name, initials, or favorite quote written on them. This is quite good if you want something that reflects your personality. It’s also great as a gift for friends and family.

Fit and Size

A good phone case should fit your phone perfectly. To check if it fits well or not follow this guide.

Snug Fit

It should fit snugly but not too tight that it can slip off easily or hurt the phone. Ensure that the case is made specifically for your phone model, thus ensuring a perfect fit.

Cutouts and Buttons

Checkout camera cutouts, speaker grills, port openings, etc: they must be accurate enough to allow full access without any hassle. And don’t forget about buttons – they have to work smoothly without sticking or being hard on touch responses! Amongst other things, some of these covers come with raised buttons making them easier to feel and press which is nice just in case.

Bulk and Weight

While looking at possible choices, consider how much bulkiness and weight you would like to add to your mobile device. It's crucial to balance slim and bulky options that offer maximum security and ease of use.

Durability and Protection

When choosing a phone case, it is very important to consider durability. A durable cover that can handle everyday use is best because you might drop your device. So here are some things that you should have in mind.

Drop Protection

When buying a phone case, look for shock-absorbing materials like rubber or silicone. These materials absorb impact and cushion the phone. For those who is in search for extra protection the best phone cases will be those which have reinforced corners.

Scratch Resistance

It should stop scratches on the back and around the edges of a mobile device. Raised edges around a screen or camera are an added benefit because they prevent scratches when the phone is placed face down.

Water Resistance

While no phone case can make your phone completely waterproof, some offer water-resistant features. Such covers are meant to guard against splashes, raindrops, and accidental spills. It would be nice if your cover had this feature if you spend a lot of time near water bodies.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Lastly, let us look at some more features that can make our case better than ever before.


Some smartphone cases have kickstands that let you watch videos hands-free. They may also be useful during video calls or when following cooking recipes online. A good kickstand should not wobble and should be difficult to break.…

Wallet Cases 

These cases double as wallets, so you no longer have to carry two separate items when you're on the go. For those who love a simple yet organized life, these types of covers will serve their purpose well.

Wireless Charging Compatibility

Use wireless charging, but use a compatible case. Some materials, including thick metals, may interfere with wireless charging. Therefore, look for cases specially designed to work with wireless chargers.

How to Go About Choosing The Best Phone Cases

The right phone case for one person may differ from another’s because it is subject to personal tastes and needs. Consider your lifestyle, your style, and how much protection you need. Do not hesitate to invest in a good-quality case that will provide excellent protection and also look nice on your phone.

Enjoy your time when looking for your next phone case!

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