How to Get Air Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector
By Team E.
Mar 19, 24

How to Get Air Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector

How to Get Air Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector

How to Get Air Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector

Protecting your phone’s screen helps keep it like new and saves you money on repairs. Applying a screen protector can be challenging, but don’t worry about mistakes – you can easily fix them. So let’s dive into some tricks you need to know to get rid of those annoying air bubbles under a screen protector. We’ve got quite a bit of advice to smooth things out.

How to Remove Bubbles From a Screen Protector?

Here you have several tips that work. Let’s start?

Tip #1 - Microfiber Magic 

Microfiber cloth is one of the best solutions for bubble bursting. Press the cloth near the bubble, and slowly push it to the edge of the screen. This works best right after applying the screen protector while the adhesive is still fresh.

Tip #2 - Card Technique 

If you didn't get the expected results with a microfiber cloth, take a credit card, or any other harder store discount card. Hold it at a 45-degree angle next to the screen and gently press the card against the bubble, sliding it outwards.

Tip #3 - Needle Method 

Still have bubbles? It might be time for a little “surgery”. Take a needle or pin and lift the edge of the screen protector closest to the bubble. Be very gentle – you don’t need to peel the protector off completely. Then, press slowly from the center towards the outside to push the air out. Be careful to avoid screen or protector damage.

Tip #4 - Hair Dryer Hack

Here’s where things can get a bit techy. Use a hairdryer on a warm setting (make sure it’s not too hot) and direct it to your screen protector from a safe distance (about 10-12 inches). The warm air will help to soften up the adhesive, making it easier to smooth the bubbles.

Tip #5 - Reapply It Again 

Sometimes, this is a better alternative. Instead, use a piece of tape or a suction cup pierced at the corner of the protector and lift it cautiously. It will go through the same cleaning process as step one before you reapply it, making sure to squish out any air as you go. Have you had a cheap protector that insists on making air bubbles, no matter what you try to do about it?

Tip #6 - Time To Upgrade 

You may want to invest in a higher-quality screen protector. They usually come with all the needed accessories to make the installment process much easier and avoid potential bubbles. 

Always remember: a little patience goes a long way. Whether you choose a quick fix or a full reset, these steps will assist you in keeping your screen clear and working properly.

How To Prevent Air Bubbles Under Screen Protector?

Want to avoid those annoying air bubbles under a screen protector at any cost? It’s quite possible with just a few easy rules. 

Don’t Touch The Sticky Side

Try to keep your fingers away from the adhesive side of the screen protector and the screen itself, both before and during application. Imagine you have to pick up something hot – the less you touch it, the better! 

Suit Up

It may sound crazy, but wearing surgical gloves can make it better. Just make sure you’ve got the right size and they sit tightly on your hands! This way you will avoid all sorts of evil fingerprints! 

Prepare Your Space

Before you start, vacuum the floor. You need to create as dust-free space as possible. To double the effect, spray some water into the air – all the remaining dust will fall to the ground immediately.   

Clean and Degrease

Clean your phone screen with a dust-free cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Try to avoid those little cleaning wipes that come in a package with a screen protector – they may not be as good as expected. Make sure there are no streaks left on the screen after you wipe it. 

Go for Quality

Always choose trusted sellers when you buy any phone accessories. Budget options are tempting but often disappointing. Knowledge comes with experience: most of the time you get what you pay for. 

When in Doubt, Ask a Pro 

If you don’t want to worry about how to get bubbles out of a screen protector, then don’t. Go to a tech store, pay a pro and you will have a carefree and bubble-free application. 

Following these simple rules, you can be sure to have a smooth and stress-free experience. Arm yourself, clean up, and stick that screen protector with confidence!

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