How to Get Scratches Off a Phone Case
By Team E.
Mar 12, 24

How to Get Scratches Off a Phone Case

How to Get Scratches Off a Phone Case

How to Get Scratches Off a Phone Case

Have you ever noticed how our favorite phone cases get all scratched up from daily use? It’s very frustrating but it happened with all of us. Keeping your case in good shape can also help protect your phone. But before you start fixing your scratched phone case, it’d be smart to figure out what it is made of. A quick look at the case's packaging or a fast online search by model will help you avoid any cleaning mistakes.

Know Your Case

Phone cases can be made of all sorts of materials: from soft silicone to hard plastic or leather. Each type requires a certain cleaning method, so identifying your case's material is a crucial step to getting a scratched phone case back to looking its best. So how to remove scratches from a phone case? Let’s find out!

Clever Cleaning Strategies

Polishing compounds. If your phone case doesn’t look that bad but still has some scratches here and there, a touch of polishing compound might be the perfect solution. Just add a little amount on a microfiber cloth and softly massage the affected spots. This method can help to smooth out scratches, but you have to be gentle to avoid damaging the case's finish (especially the matte one).

The toothpaste technique is also an effective method of how to remove scratches from a phone case, especially when it comes to light scratches. Choose a plain, non-gel toothpaste, dab a bit on a soft cloth, and rub it slightly on the scratches. Just remember to be very careful, so it won’t cause any further damage or texture changes.

Baking soda is another gentle abrasive which is great for tackling stubborn case scratches. Mix up a paste using a bit of water, spread it over a cloth, and buff those scratched areas. It's a simple and effective way to reduce the scratches, but again -  remember to be gentle while you clean.

Dynamic Duo: Toothpaste and Baking Soda

Toothpaste and baking soda can make a great scratch-reducing team! Toothpaste helps with the finer scratches and scuffs while baking soda cleans up any residue left behind. This combo can make your scratched phone case look cleaner but always do it quickly and gently.

Keeping your iPhone Scratch-Free is Simpler Than You Think

Following these steps will help keep your iPhone looking brand new as long as possible!

Here’s a list of key points:

  • Always use tempered glass to protect the screen
  • Case with raised edges on the front and back will save your screen and camera
  • Use a microfiber cloth for quick and easy cleaning
  • Avoid sand and dirt to prevent notorious scratches on your phone and case
  • Keep your phone separately from keys and other things that can cause damage
  • Inspect your case regularly so you can catch and address minor scratches early

    Final Thoughts

    Good care for your phone case involves smart cleaning techniques and understanding how much wear and tear your case can handle. Whether you choose high-tech solutions or more budget options, the key is gentle and thoughtful care.

    By finding the right approach for your case's material and being careful while cleaning, you can keep your case looking great and your phone protected. So let’s keep our cases scratch-free and our phones safe!

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