how to lock screen on iphone
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Jun 05, 24

How To Lock the iPhone Screen When Kids Watch Videos

how to lock screen on iphone

How To Lock the iPhone Screen When Kids Watch Videos

  1. Kids love to watch videos on their phones, but they might accidentally tap and swipe them, which could interrupt their favorite shows or make unwanted calls. Locking the display of your iPhone can help you avoid these problems. This tutorial shows how to lock screen on iPhone and answers common questions.

Here's How To Lock Screen on iPhone

Guided Access is an iOS feature that lets you limit your device to one app and control the available features. It’s great for locking the screen when children watch videos.

  • Open Settings: Launch “Settings” from the home screen of your iPhone.
  • Go to Accessibility: Scroll down until you find “Accessibility,” then tap on it.
  • Enable Guided Access: On the next screen, locate “Guided Access” under the general section and turn it on.
  • Set a Passcode: Tap on “Passcode Settings” and set up a passcode for Guided Access (it will be required when exiting this mode).
  • Enable Accessibility Shortcut: To quickly start Guided Access by triple-clicking the side button (or home button on older models), flip the switch next to “Accessibility Shortcut.”
Keep Your Screen From Unlocking By Using Guided Access

Keep Your Screen From Unlocking By Using Guided Access

  • Open the Video App: Launch the application where your children watch videos.
  • Start Guided Access: Triple-click the side or home buttons to start guiding access.
  • Adjust Settings: To disable touch, motion, and other settings, tap “Options” at the bottom left corner. You may want to turn off Touch for videos completely.
  • Begin Session: Tap “Start” in the top-right corner of the screen. Your screen is locked now so that kids can watch videos without interruption.

Exiting Guided Access

  • Triple-click Side Button: To quit guiding access, click the side button again.
  • Enter Passcode: Input the guiding access passcode you set earlier on.
  • Tap End: Tap “End” located at the top left corner of the device screen, which will cause exiting guided access mode

Frequently Asked Questions

On which iPhone model can I use Guided Access?

    Guided Access is available on all iPhones running iOS 6 and above. This tool helps users focus on one app.

    How do I disable touch temporarily while using Guided Access?

      After you start Guided Access, tap on "Options" at the bottom left corner and turn off "Touch." This will prevent your kids from touching the screen or swiping it.

      Can I limit access to some parts of the screen?

        You can draw circles around parts of the screen during a Guided Access session to turn off touch in those areas. For instance, you could keep playback controls accessible while locking other regions.

        What should I do so my child does not exit the video app?

          The app is locked and requires a passcode to switch apps or go home.

          Can I specify how long my kid should watch videos?

            Certainly! You can set a time limit for this feature called duration, which will work under a guided access control system. Enter the options menu and turn on the time limit to do this. Once you set the time limit, the iPhone will automatically quit the guided access session, saving battery life.


            So, now you don’t need to research “screen lock iPhone” because the Guided Access feature in the iOS system settings>accessibility option on their device makes it easy to lock the iPhone screen when children watch videos. During this time, they won't be interrupted accidentally and can't use any other part of your phone. If you do these things, your phone will stay safe, and your kids will have fun.

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