how to conserve iphone battery
By Team E.
Jun 17, 24

Keep Your Phone Full: How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

how to conserve iphone battery

Keep Your Phone Full: How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

Most of what we do with our phones depends on the battery power. This means that you need batteries to make calls, browse the internet, and use different apps. It can be annoying when needed, but your phone's battery is getting low. This post will show you how to save your phone's battery life and not worry about using it all day. So, how to save battery on iPhone?

Check Which Apps Take the Most Battery

Knowing which apps use the most energy can be the key to solving the dilemma of “how to save battery on an iPhone.” Apple iPhones and Android smartphones have built-in tools for checking battery usage.

For iPhone:

  • Settings: Tap “Settings”
  • Battery: Scroll down and tap “Battery”
  • Battery Usage by App: The screen should show a list of apps and the amount of energy they use in 24 hours or 10 days.

For Android:

  • Settings: Tap “Settings”
  • Battery: Scroll down and tap “Battery”
  • Battery Usage: Tap “Battery usage” to see the app consumption breakdown.

Learning about programs that use a lot of power will help users decide whether to run them sparingly or take them out completely to get more juice.

Effects of Brightness on Battery Life

The screen's brightness is one of the main determinants of battery life. A bright display uses more power, so reducing brightness can answer the question “how to conserve iPhone battery” 

Importance of Screen Brightness

Importance of Screen Brightness

Your phone’s display is one component that uses a lot of energy. Using mobile devices can result in rapid battery drain in locations where excessive light, such as sunlight, is present.

Methods to Decrease Screen Brightness

To conserve battery life, you need to control how bright your screen is.

For iPhone:

  • Settings: Tap “Settings.”
  • Display &Brightness: Select "Display &Brightness."
  • Adjust Brightness: Slide down to reduce brightness level, but it should still be comfortable for your eyes.

Turn on Auto-Brightness by flipping the switch next to "Auto-Brightness." This will make your phone adjust the screen light based on changes in the lighting around it.

For Android:

  • Settings: Click on “Settings.”
  • Display.: Opt for “Display.”
  • Brightness Level: Drag along this slide bar until you achieve desired darkness/opacity (reducing).
  • Switch on Adaptive Brightness: Switch on “Adaptive Brightness,” which allows your smartphone to adjust itself based on ambient lighting conditions.
  • Switch to Dark Mode: Many phones have a dark mode that uses less power than the white background.


Your battery can also be drained by cell signals and Bluetooth connectivity. Knowing how these functions affect your battery life and what you can do about it will allow you to extend the life of your phone.

When a phone has a wrong signal, it requires more power to maintain a connection. This is especially true when there are few bars in the area.

  • Airplane Mode: If there’s no service where you are or if cellular data isn’t needed, turn this on since it saves battery life.
  • Avoid Low Signal Areas: Refusing phones in areas with weak signals is advisable whenever feasible.

Bluetooth is useful for connecting to wireless devices, but leaving it on all the time may quickly drain your mobile phone's battery.

  • Turn Off When Not in Use: Activate only when needed. Bluetooth should be disabled at other times.
  • Disconnect Devices: Once you've finished using them, ensure all connected gadgets are disconnected from each other so they won’t drain your battery dry.
  • Bluetooth: Switch off "Bluetooth" when not required.

Things like synchronizing, refreshing content, and sending notifications can quickly drain your battery. Here's how to stop them and save power that could have been used for nothing.

  • Turn Off Unnecessary Apps. Stop applications that don’t need content refreshes in the background.
  • App Info. Click an app, then hit “Battery” and select “Background restriction” to limit its activity.

Also, showing notifications and starting background processes can drain your battery.

  • Manage Apps. Check every app listed there and turn off notifications for unnecessary ones.
  • Notifications. Open these notifications as needed by the apps by tapping “See all.”

Siri’s voice activation feature can use a lot of battery by constantly listening to the wake command.

  • Software Update: Ensure your phone software is always up to date, as these updates often come with battery optimizations.
  • Power Saving Mode: It is a feature on iPhones and Androids that helps save battery life by reducing performance and limiting background activity.
  • No Vibration: When your phone does not need to vibrate, it is good that you can turn off its energy-draining feature.
  • Less GPS: Switching off GPS when less useful is paramount because location services are power-hungry.
  • Widgets Management: Remove all unnecessary widgets from the home screen, which might be refreshing itself constantly.

If you want your batteries to last, you must take better care of them. By understanding what affects our sources of power, we can determine how best to use them. The battery should be checked regularly since we require longer periods with our phones. Another point is control over screen brightness, which will also help reduce energy use. Also, this practice involves not running multiple apps simultaneously because they will drain everything quickly. Our tips will make smartphones run more smoothly.

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