PopSocket vs. Phone Grip: What's the Best Pick for You?
By Team E.
Mar 12, 24

PopSocket vs. Phone Grip: What's the Best Pick for You?

PopSocket vs. Phone Grip: What's the Best Pick for You?

PopSocket vs. Phone Grip: What's the Best Pick for You?

Let’s talk about a common concern: that heart-stopping moment when our beloved smartphone almost falls off our hands. Given how much money we put into these little devices, it’s not surprising that we are on the hunt for ways to keep them safe. And that’s exactly what PopSockets and phone grips do – they minimize the risk of dropping your phone. 

The Magic of Popsocket on Phone

What is PopSocket? It looks like a small plastic circle that you stick to the back of your phone. Once you pop it out, the PopSocket will extend and create an excellent grip, making dropping your device less possible. You can use it as a phone stand while watching videos or taking group selfies without straining your arm too much. PopSockets will also come in handy when you’re outside texting or calling someone on the go. They stick very tightly to the case and create extra protection while holding your phone. 

Why Phone Grips Rock

If you’re not a fan of having a PopSocket on a phone, take a look at phone grips. While PopSockets look like a circle on your phone, phone grips offer a different design – they look like a little ring placed on the adhesive base. They also strap onto your phone case and provide you with a very tight hold, which is perfect for when you are moving around or trying to type with just one hand. Again, if you love binge-watching movies on your phone, these things can act as stands so no need to keep holding your device with both hands. 

The Showdown: Popgrip vs Popsocket

Now let’s compare these two types of phone holders.

  1. Comfort and Usability. PopSockets offer a comfortable hold and easy one-hand operation, popping out when needed and folding flat when not in use. On the other hand, ring-type grips offer the same level of security, but they can be a bit too rigid, which won’t appeal to everyone.
  2. Style and Customization. This is where both choices shine. However, PopSocket takes the upper hand because it has collaborated with many famous brands and artists and has a lot of designs to choose from. While phone grips allow for customization as well, they are still more on the minimalistic side.
  3. Versatility. Although both can act as stands for your device, they do it differently. PopSockets’ accordion-like design is more versatile when it comes to adjusting angles for video watching; while on the other hand, phone grips, particularly ring types, may have limited adjustability capacities.
  4. Durability and Compatibility. The durability of any product depends mostly on its brand and quality. Both these add-ons stick well on most cases and phones although without special adhesives PopSockets might not work well on silicone or waterproof cases. Phone grips generally tend to face fewer compatibility issues.
  5. Portability. Due to their design PopSockets might snag a little while sliding into a pocket. Phone grips are flatter so they can offer a smoother experience. However, the difference is not that big, and after a few days, you’ll get used to both of them anyway. So it all depends just on a personal preference. 

Wondering how to use these phone holders? Let’s dive deeper into how you can make the most of your PopSocket or phone grip so that holding your smartphone would be as smooth as taking a sip of coffee every morning.

How to Use a PopSocket

PopSockets give your device a touch of character and are very user-friendly. Here’s how to use them: 

  1. Attachment: Clean the back of your phone or phone case thoroughly without leaving any dirt. Peel off the protective film from the adhesive, and press it firmly onto your phone for about 15 seconds to ensure it’s attached securely.
  2. Popping Mechanism: To use a PopSocket, simply pop it out by pulling it up gently. Also, you can adjust the height of a PopSocket – either fully extend it out for a stand or leave it halfway down to grip.
  3. As a Grip: slide one or two fingers between the PopSocket and your phone – it’s a perfect option for holding your phone for texts or taking pictures in order not to risk dropping it accidentally.
  4. As a Stand: extend your PopSocket and put your phone on a flat surface where you can watch videos or make hands-free video calls.
  5. Repositioning: If you need to move a PopSocket to another side of your case, gently peel it off from the base and reattach it within the next few minutes. If the adhesive becomes weaker, rinse it under cold water, let dry, and then reattach it.

    How to Use: Popgrip 

    Phone grips come in different designs, but they all make handling your mobile device easier and more convenient. Here’s a simple guide: 

    1. Attachment is important. Like with a PopSocket, start with cleaning the surface of your phone or case and finding a perfect spot. Remove the protective film from the adhesive, press it onto your phone case, and hold it tightly for a few seconds. 
    2. Using a loop or strap grip: simply slide one or more fingers into the loop. These types of holders allow you to relax your fingers while holding a phone for a long time, and reduce the strain from your hand. 
    3. Using a ring grip: put your index (or middle) finger through the ring to hold the phone. You can rotate the ring to any side depending on which hand you use to hold your phone. It fits both left-handed and right-handed users.
    4. As a stand: phone grips with a ring can be used as phone stands. Pull out the ring and adjust it to the right angle for a perfect view. 
    5. Removal process. In case you want to remove a grip, it will always come off with a gentle force – just pick it up from the corner with your fingernail. If there’s any adhesive residue left on a case, you can easily clean it with rubber alcohol. If you want to reuse a phone grip, you might need a new adhesive pad. 

       Tips for Maximizing Your Experience

      • Find Your Sweet Spot. Where you place a PopSocket is important. Before sticking it to your phone, try multiple places where you can position it to determine which spot is perfect for you in terms of hand size and phone handling habits.
      • Mix and Match. You can have both PopSocket and phone grip attached to the different phone cases. That way you can easily change them depending on your needs and mood. 
      • Personalize. These two accessories give you room for self-expression. They come in a lot of different colors and designs, from minimalistic monochrome shades to colorful ornaments. 

      Choosing between a phone grip or PopSocket on a phone comes down to what can make your life easier and keep your phone from falling off. Both of them offer a great combination of style and function that will create a safer environment for your phone and also personalize it more. So whether you are a team PopSocket or all about the phone grip, let’s hold on to these phones rather than taking them to repair shops, right?

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