Sparkle and Shine: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Phone Screen
By Team E.
Mar 12, 24

Sparkle and Shine: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Phone Screen

Sparkle and Shine: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Phone Screen

Sparkle and Shine: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Phone Screen

 Let’s face it – we can’t live a day without a smartphone. These little buddies help us communicate with the world in the most convenient way possible. But, with great power comes great responsibility – and that includes keeping your phone neat and clean. The phone’s screen, in particular, needs to be treated special. And it’s not only about a good look but also about safety and the well-being of your device. So how do you ensure your phone's screen is as perfect as the first day you had it? Let's dive into the art of a cleaning phone screen the right way.

The Tools You Need to Clean Phone Screen

Before you start cleaning, make sure you have everything you need:

  • A Microfiber Cloth

Just like a wardrobe staple, a microfiber cloth is the most important thing when it comes to cleaning a phone screen. It can remove fingerprints, dust, and smudges just in seconds, without scratching your screen protector.

  • Water

Simple but effective - distilled water will help you dissolve grime or greasy fingerprints without damaging the glass on your phone. 

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

If you want to level up the process of cleaning your phone’s screen, try isopropyl alcohol (70%). It works wonders with stubborn spots and old grease. You can also mix it with water (50/50). Check it on the small spot first just to make sure it won’t damage the surface, some coatings can be sensitive to these substances. 

The Tools You Need to Clean Phone Screen

The Process of Cleaning Your Phone Screen 

  1. Power off the phone and disconnect the cable or headphones. This step will ensure your safety, and also it’s easiest to catch the spots on the sides when there are no cables. 
  2. Start with a dry microfiber cloth and wipe your screen in circular motions. It works perfectly for removing dust and fingerprints.
  3. If the screen still doesn’t look perfect, add the next step. Dampen the corner of your microfiber cloth with water or another cleaning solution and wipe the screen. Remember not to use too much water - we don’t want to bathe the phone.
  4. Time for a final polish! Finish your cleaning ritual by polishing your screen with a dry part of the cloth, removing any remaining streaks, and giving it that out-of-the-box shine.

    Great! Now that you’re a pro! We hope this guidance has been helpful.

    Do's and Don'ts for Cleaning Phone Screen

    Do's and Don'ts for Cleaning Phone Screen

    • Charge Safely. To avoid any risk of electrical issues, make sure your device is completely dry before you plug it back.
    • Choose Professional Cleansing solutions. Those are formulated specifically for electronics and clean the phone screen without damaging it.  
    • Make it a habit. A quick ritual to clean the phone screen every other day won’t take a lot of your time, but will prevent the build-ups of oil and grime. 
    • Expose to Liquids. Avoid getting moisture into the charging port, speakers, and microphone. Be careful and don’t use too much liquid. 
    • Spray Directly on the Screen. Don’t spray the liquid directly onto the screen. It will be safer to moisten your cloth with the solution. 
    • Use Harsh Chemicals. Any household cleaning substances containing ammonia, bleach, or abrasive particles are a big no-no. Those can strip away the protective coating on the screen. 

    A Few Extra Tips for Keeping Your Screen Pristine

    1. Hands Off. If your hands are dirty but you have to write the message ASAP, try using voice command or a stylus pen to minimize smudges. 
    2. Carry Wisely. Hold your phone in a separate pocket or a small pouch. It will protect the screen from scratches and keep it clean longer.
    3. Nightly Routine. Make it a habit. The process of cleaning your phone screen every night can be relaxing, ensuring you start a new day with a clean phone and peace of mind.
    4. Humidity Matters. Make sure your device is stored in a dry and safe environment. High humidity can lead to excessive moisture on your display.
    5. Remember to disinfect. Get disinfectant wipes with at least 65% isopropyl alcohol, or just use a bottle of rubber alcohol and wipe your screen from time to time. 

    By following our simple and easy advices, you can extend the life of your device and enjoy a more pleasant user experience. Remember, a little care will help you keep your digital world bright and beautiful. 

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