The Truth About Overcharging Your Phone
By Team E.
Apr 20, 24

The Truth About Overcharging Your Phone

The Truth About Overcharging Your Phone

The Truth About Overcharging Your Phone

We're back with our debunking myths series, targeting another hot topic: the possibility of overcharging your phone. So, read this guide before you plug in your device for the night. You might just find out you've been charging your phone all wrong!

Is Overcharging Your Phone Bad?

Short and sweet: Nope, you can't overcharge your phone. But, as with all good stories, there's more to it than just a simple answer. Today's smart phones come with batteries that are pretty smart. They know when to stop charging after they reach 100%. However, if you leave it plugged in, it loses a little charge over time because well… batteries do that naturally. Then, the charger takes turns topping off up to 100%.

Now if you’re somebody who leaves their phone plugged in for ages then what happens is that your phone slightly discharges and recharges multiple times. This not only pulls up unnecessary power (you know bigger electricity bills) but could also make a telephone a bit too warm to be comfortable. An occasional overnight charge does not break the bank, but making it a habit can heat things prematurely leading to a faster-than-expected decline of the battery’s mojo.

These lithium-ion powerhouses in our phones don’t like full charges. Keeping them at 100% all day long puts them under much pressure, which may reduce their life span. So the definite answer to “Is overcharging your phone bad?” is “no,” but as you see, there are some specific reasons why you should better avoid this.

Mastering the Art of Charging

Mastering the Art of Charging

Keeping your phone’s battery in prime condition isn’t rocket science, but it does love a little TLC. Imagine this: Your phone’s battery is like a middle-aged person who enjoys a balanced lifestyle—not too lazy or overworked. Charging your phone from short bursts until it's somewhere between a cool 30% and 80% is akin to hitting the gym just a few times weekly; it is just right.

And here’s a pro tip: cool down your phone while charging, lest you sunbathe at noon in July. Just like you would not bask under the sun at 12 PM in July, don’t put your phone where it can get too hot. So, you need a nice, cooling surface away from direct sunlight for the perfect charging spot.

Do wireless charging? That’s fine; however, all those fancy chargers (like car mount chargers) could also secretly stress your battery more than you imagine. Use them wisely to avoid extra weight on the battery.

iPhone ] Users can check their battery health by going to Settings> Battery > Battery Health. The same setup exists for Android users in Settings under Battery; an amazing feature gives you all the information about your battery's life span.

At Orase, we are all about giving you maximum value for each of our tech toys. From wireless chargers that go easy on your batteries to cases that provide protection without affecting style, we have everything needed to treat phones well. Dive into our collection and discover how simple it is to charge smart and keep the juice flowing for long periods with minimal degradation.

The Truth Unplugged: Can You Overcharge Your Phone?

So, first things first – No, you can’t overcharge your phone. At this point, the phone will still be connected to the charger and play slightly with the charge by maybe dipping one or two percentage points before going back to full again. This could be likened to a person taking a nap because of being thirsty and then waking up in intervals for some sips of water. It doesn’t damage your phone but it’s not a very efficient way to live, right? Additionally, it consumes a little extra current, which may slightly hike your electric bill.

Doing this once in a while is okay, but when it becomes routine, things start getting interesting. All that extra charging can make your phone feel too hot for comfort. Like us, phones also feel bad if they get too warm frequently. In addition, this can cause the battery to slow down over time.

And we’ll let you know another secret: those lithium-ion batteries powering our gadgets? They find it more comfortable being charged at less than 100% all the time; reaching such high levels makes them vulnerable and may shorten their lifespan.

Charging Smart: How to Keep Your Phone Battery Happy

Charging Smart: How to Keep Your Phone Battery Happy

Therefore, what is the best approach to maintaining good health for your cell battery? Picture your mobile phone’s battery as happiest when living life between ‘’a chilled out’’ thirty percent and an eighty percent that feels ‘nice’. It is like staying cool within an ambient temperature neither too hot nor so cold.

Rather than sticking it onto the charger until it is full 100%, try giving quick sips of juice to keep it humming in a range that is enjoyable midway through its charge life span away from the extremes. This is not as hard on the battery.

Now, to charge your phone while keeping it cool, just think about it as finding somewhere very comfortable to rest. Would you sleep under the scorching sun or in a stuffy room? Then, avoid charging your phone in hotspots like underneath pillows, inside drawers, and in direct sunlight. How about cooling countertops?

Do you own a phone that is compatible with wireless charging? It's fantastic, but keep an eye on multitasking accessories such as car mount chargers. They are handy but can make the phone work harder than necessary, especially if used frequently.

If you are still asking “Is overcharging your phone bad?” and want to see it in practice, go to settings and check out Battery Health. It will show you, how your battery is faring in terms of maximum capacity and whether or not it's reaching its peak life. Android guys have something similar in their settings called Battery Usage.

The Difference In Overcharging Due To The Phone Brand

Let’s talk about the iPhone and Samsung! Specifically, we're going to go over how the two systems charge differently and if one will do more damage than the other in the long run. We are going to try to make this explanation simple and clear for everyone here. So let's get into it! 

The Difference In Overcharging Due To The Phone Brand


Smart Charging: When your battery is fully charged, the iPhone uses its brain power to prevent overcharging. In simpler terms, once the device senses that it’s at 100%, it'll stop supplying current right away. This feature helps minimize battery wear and tear while also extending its overall lifespan.

Optimized Charging: iOS has an Optimized Charging feature that learns from your behavior and controls the charging process to preserve long-term battery health. For example, if you charge your phone overnight, the iPhone will charge it to 80%, then wait and charge it to 100% right when you wake up.


Adaptive Charging: Like Apple’s smartphones, Samsung devices are equipped with adaptive charging technology. This system ensures that no overcharging occurs while also promoting the longevity of your battery’s health. Samsung also offers various power-saving modes in case you want to maximize the device's battery life on a single charge.

Fast Charging: One of Samsung’s biggest selling points is its fast charging feature! It allows users to juice up their phones much quicker than most devices can even get close to! But be warned that using this feature regularly might cause minor damage by making the battery wear out faster than regular charging methods.

What Is The Difference?

Looking at both companies' designs, you can see they’re trying different approaches but ultimately reaching the same goal of preserving your battery. The iPhone's Optimized Charging feature reviews your charging habits and adjusts its processes to ensure a longer life span. Samsung on the other hand focuses more on speed and flexibility with their fast charging and adaptive power settings.

Both companies have unique ways to boost the longevity of their batteries, but it’s important for us users to also do our part! Avoid constantly charging at 100% or not allowing the battery to completely drain down to 0%. Taking these simple steps will help any phone battery last as long as possible, no matter the brand. 

Keeping Your Phone and Battery in Top Shape with Orase

Orase's goal is to offer accessories to maintain the highest possible condition of your technology devices. Do you need phone cases that will ensure the tightest protection of your phone device? We have it all. Our objective? Sweet, long life between you and your smart gadget. Just visit our product description page and select an ideal fit for your phone. Smarter charging is not harder on batteries; they are built to last long.

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