Helpful Guide For Selling Your Old Phone Case
By Team E.
May 07, 24

Helpful Guide For Selling Your Old Phone Case

Helpful Guide For Selling Your Old Phone Case

Helpful Guide For Selling Your Old Phone Case

You just tried on a remarkable new phone case and can't get enough of it. The new appearance makes it feel like an ideal fit for your phone. But what about the old one? Do not simply toss it in a cabinet or, even worse, in the garbage! Let's talk about why selling, reusing, or donating your old phone case could be a good idea and how you can do it easily.

Why Sell Your Old Phone Case?

There are many reasons to sell cell phone cases. On one hand, it’s an opportunity to make a little added money. Who wouldn't like a little extra pocket money? They can help cover the cost of your brand-new one or just give you some fun cash for your next coffee run. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option, minimizing waste and keeping your old case out of the landfill. Rather, it locates a new residence and offers a new purpose. Perhaps someone else likes your old cover and thinks it's unique. One person’s “old” is another person’s “amazing.”

How Much Does Your Old Phone Case Cost?

You may ask yourself, “How much can I get if I sell cell phone cases?” It depends on the brand you have. Regular silicone cases usually go for less than designer or branded ones. You may sell rugged or high-end cases for $15-40+ each, while limited edition and custom-made ones can vary significantly depending on demand.

However, condition matters too – scratches, discoloration or missing pieces will lower its value. So clean it up and take a good look at it before you put it up.

Where To Sell Cell Phone Cases

Where To Sell Cell Phone Cases

So where do you find your phone case a new home? Here are some options:

  • eBay is great if you want to reach a worldwide audience and auction off rare or branded cases:
  • Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist are solid choices for local sales; 
  • Poshmark & Mercari both offer user-friendly platforms with all sorts of items, including phone cases; 
  • Swappa is another useful marketplace specifically geared towards phones and accessories.

Creating a Successful Description

Write a compelling description for the listing to ensure your old case sells quickly and for a good price. Begin with an attractive title like “Rugged Case for iPhone 12—Perfect Condition!” Then, describe the condition accurately. Be honest about scratches or signs of wear. Point out special features such as being waterproof or shockproof, and name the brand and model so buyers know exactly what they’re getting. While making a description think about what things would attract you.

Including high-quality photos is vital. Show the case from different angles and take close-ups of any damage. Good photos can make all the difference!

 Where To Donate Your Old Phone Case?

If you don’t want to sell your cell phone cases or enjoy doing some good, consider giving away your case for free. Local thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army often accept phone cases. Nonprofits like Cell Phones for Soldiers or local shelters may accept old phones. And don’t forget about friends and family—maybe someone just got a new phone and could use a trendy case without paying.

How To Repurpose Your Old Phone Case

Feeling crafty or eco-friendly? Repurpose your old phone case instead!

  • Mini Wallet: You can turn it into a small wallet to hold your ID, credit cards, and cash. It is so useful and comfortable.
  • Desk Organizer: Use it as a holder for paper clips or pens. 
  • Phone Stand: Fold it in a way that props up your phone horizontally so you can watch videos.
  • Garden Markers: Cut strips out of old cases to label your plants.

Final words

Don't leave your old phone case sitting in a drawer collecting dust. Think about where to sell cell phone cases and go! You could also choose to give it away or repurpose it. In every case, it brings another life, and it’s lovely! You have many options available that will help breathe new life into your old friend; all you need is some imagination and effort. So what are you waiting for? Start listing, donating, or creating today, and let that old phone case shine once again!

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