Water is Life, But Life is Not Just Water

Water is fundamental to life, yet for many, access to it dictates the entirety of their existence.

Delivering water to the settlement consumes nearly all the time of women and their children, turning the quest for this vital resource into a form of lifelong slavery. This relentless cycle leaves no time for education, child-rearing, or personal development, effectively denying any chance for personal freedom.

Drill One Little Hole to Big Freedom

We can break the cycle of water slavery and address the lack of safe water with the innovative approach of drilling boreholes. This method, which creates direct access to underground water sources, offers a sustainable solution to water scarcity and fundamentally alters traditional roles within these communities.

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A drop of hope: $5 towards twenty years of safe water and beyond

    Water.org is an international nonprofit co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, dedicated to transforming lives through access to safe water and sanitation. This organization develops market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis, enhancing the health and futures of families worldwide. Research by Water.org shows that just $5 can provide a person with safe water or sanitation for 20 years - a crucial lifeline.

    Orase amplifies this impact by donating $5 for each case sold, equating to 20 years of safe water. Purchasing an Orase product means you’re not just buying innovation, you're supporting a global movement for water security. Beyond donations, Water.org invests in long-term solutions like well drilling and sustainable systems, ensuring every dollar is effectively used to create resilient water sources.

On average, Water.org spends $5 to provide someone with access to safe water or sanitation for 20 years.* This figure is calculated by dividing the organization's operating expenditures from FY16-FY20 by the total number of people reached during that period.

    Revolution of women - Evolution of society

    Access to safe water at home significantly enhances women's and children's lives and boosts community development. Sociological studies from the past 5 years show that these improvements are directly linked to providing safe water and installing a water pump in each settlement. Our product sales support this vital work. We are confident that by working together, we can resolve this issue in the near future.

    Phenomenal society charges in 5 years after direct access to safe water*

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    30-50 %

    decreasing the infant
mortality by

    38-47 %

    increasing in literacy rates among women to

    up to 82 %

    increase household incomes and promote local business development, especially in the agricultural sector.

    by up to 40 %

    development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors, potentially increasing non-agricultural income.

    a gradual decline in overall fertility

    increase household incomes and promote local business development, especially in the agricultural sector.

    Don’t Try to Impact All Lives - Start with the One

    For every phone case sold, we donate $5 to Water.org. This contribution, though modest, can profoundly change a woman's life for 20 years.

    Together, we stand at the intersection where responsibility becomes freedom. By donating water, we open doors to new futures - one person, one well at a time.

    Get a case and make your own impact with Orase and Water.org

    Don’t Try to Impact All Lives - Start with the One

    End of Duty

    For generations, women have shouldered the lifetime duty of fetching water.

    Start of Rights

    With each well we build, the right of every woman to choose her path, to pursue dreams, education.