About Orase

Welcome to ORASE!


We’re all about innovative mobile phone accessories for the ever-evolving digital age. With us, you’ll meet with strong, stylish cases that celebrate and protect what’s most important to YOU.

Connection. Self-expression. Ultimate style. 

ORASE specializes in phone cases that push the boundaries of design and technology. Why? Because your sense of adventure and the courage it takes to dream boldly matter.

Our name and brand? It’s simple. Combine “Or” for Orange County, CA and “-ase” for our sleek cases, and you’ve got it: ORASE.

Your phone holds your contacts, conversations, creativity, and more. You’ve got entertainment, vast networks, and culture at your fingertips. You’re making waves every day. You have a story to tell. To keep on telling. 

So, we’ve made it our mission to offer high-quality smartphone cases that last. We want you to feel inspired at work and at play. Whether it’s art, medicine, media, sports - you have something to say.

We hope you’ll have a look around. Most of all, we hope you’ll see us for what we are: your premiere phone case innovators. We’re committed to trending designs, maximum protection, and individual satisfaction. 

Digital media and our gadgets are a big deal today. We’ve got the world in our hands, it seems. Let’s keep it all stylish, stain proof, comfortable, and strong with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Yeah? Yeah.

Join the journey!
The ORASE crew