I am here, I exist.

Orase encourages women to express their true selves and stand out.

Our aim is grounded in the concept that real transformation begins when we express ourselves in every thing that surrounds us.

Redefining Women's Fashion with Purpose

Back in 2019, in sunny California, the idea for Orase was born. It's a simple but strong idea to represent women as they are through phone cases. We're all about designs by women for women, blending awesome style with a mission to empower. Every product you buy helps support women's communities, making Orase about more than just great gear – it's about making a difference. We're a fun, creative team, and working with us or partnering up means joining a movement that's all about lifting up women everywhere.

Made by Designers - Inspired by You

Every case we come up with, every product we bring to you, shows off the unstoppable spirit of women. The collections we create is about reflecting what you want, who you are, and the special mark you leave on the world. We're all about turning your voice, your spirit, and what makes you unique into something you can see and touch.

Started From One to Empower Millions

Orase was founded with a deep inspiration from women and an understanding of their desires. Our first collections were highly successful, attracting a large number of positive reviews and loyal customers. My husband Alexey, a significant supporter, and I recognized the demand for our products, which motivated all our subsequent initiatives. As the company evolved, we focused on gathering feedback, actively listening, and expanding our reach. We are now entering a new phase: we have realized that Orase can make a meaningful impact by partnering with Water.org to assist women in need.

That’s How We Donate Water that
Makes Women Free

Transforming lives: one drop at a time

Each case sold contributes $5 to installing water pumps, offering communities more than water—it’s a chance for education, family time, and self-growth. This effort aims to lift the burden of water fetching from women, opening doors to their dreams and ambitions.

Join Orase.com in fueling empowerment and change, where small acts spark significant impact, allowing every woman to shape her future, free from constraints.

Beyond a Brand: Passion and Empowerment

Looking back on this incredible journey, I, Elena, see that Orase.com has become more than a brand. It's a movement fueled by love, passion, and an unwavering belief in the power of women to be different.