How to Shield Your Phone Without a Case
By Team E.
May 09, 24

How to Shield Your Phone Without a Case: The Guide to Going Bare

How to Shield Your Phone Without a Case

How to Shield Your Phone Without a Case: The Guide to Going Bare

You’re taking your smooth, shiny phone without a hulking case. But how dangerous is it to use a naked phone in the world? Here's how to protect a phone without a case.

Smartphone Wraps: The Fashionable Covering

Think of smartphone wraps as your device’s second skin. They come in different designs (carbon fiber sleek to marble calm) and stick to your phone. Wraps can be the answer to how to protect a phone without a case. They're also customizable so that you can give your phone some personality. Just don't rely on them for drop protection.

Pro tip: Align the wrap perfectly when applying so it looks as smooth as you want.

Screen Protectors: The Thin (But Mighty) Guard

Screen Protectors: The Thin (But Mighty) Guard

The screen protector is like a secret agent that saves your phone from destruction—without anyone even knowing it’s there. If you throw it off a balcony, it won't stop the screen from shattering, but at least it will keep those scratchy enemies away. Tempered glass screen protectors offer the most coverage and touch sensitivity; although they're thicker than plastic film, they're still smooth as butter. Plastic film protectors are thinner and cheaper but might bubble up or scratch more easily. Oh, and in case you were wondering: There are liquid screen protectors too, which use nano-coating technology for scratch resistance – but they won't save you from drops.

To eliminate bubbles during application, smooth them out with a credit card. To minimize dust particles, apply it in the bathroom after showering.

Corner Protectors: Iphone Protection Without Case

Think of corner protectors like airbags. They stick on and help cushion the blow if it takes a tumble. You can find them in silicone, plastic, or even metal. They’re not the prettiest things in the world, but they absorb shock like champs and can be considered iPhone protection without a case. Pair with a screen protector for all-around coverage. Make sure they’re snug and replace any that start peeling off.

Smartphone Grips: Get a Handle (phone) on Things

Don’t be that person who drops their phone into the subway tracks while texting. Rings, bands, and straps are different ways to hold your phone. Rings have metal loops that you slide your finger through to hold it securely. Bands are elastic and stick to the back of your phone. Straps are made of leather or silicone for a stylish minimalist look. Most grips also double as stands for hands-free bingeing.

PopSockets: The Quirky Multi-tool

Remember when PopSockets blew up your Instagram feed with funky patterns and seemingly infinite uses? Yeah…they still do that! Use them as stand-alone grips or attach them to surfaces like car dashboards (with an extra accessory). Swap out tops to match your mood/shirt/pet’s eye color – whatever you feel! Stick your PopSocket lower for comfy one-handed texting, or slap it right in the middle for better balance.

Smartphone Sleeves: The Comfy Pouches

Desire the best of both worlds? Think of smartphone sleeves as sleeping bags for your phone: slide it in for full protection and pull it out when you need to. Normally, they have delicate insides to prevent scratches and tough exteriors to provide more cushioning. Leather, neoprene, or wool felt designs offer varying degrees of style and protection—some even come with card slots and pockets for your essentials.

Port Covers: Stop The Dust Bunnies

Your phone’s ports are like magnets for dust and lint. Plug port covers into these ports to keep dirt out. Silicone covers are flexible enough to pop in and out easily. Some cases have built-in port covers, but standalone ones also work well. Look for covers with tethers so you don't lose them. Ensure they fit snugly but not too tight because this could hurt your port.

Should You Go Without A Case?

Alright, let’s get real here—going caseless is a bold move, but it does have its risks. Showing off that gorgeous design is cool, but you're leaving your phone exposed to the world. Let’s weigh the pros against the cons.

Why You Might Want To Skip The Case

Why You Might Want To Skip The Case

Without one, you can fully appreciate your phone’s premium design and feel, and it’s easier to slide a naked device into your pocket than with a bulky case. Also, phones that are not covered all day cool better, which improves their systems’ cooling efficiency.

The Harsh Reality Of Going Naked

Even if we were extra careful always, there’d still be those few times when something slips through our fingers – especially when least expected; one moment everything’s fine then next thing we know – BAM! iPhone face down on concrete floor… With no protective barrier around it, chances are high that such a fall would result in a shattered display screen or a scratched-up body. In addition to frequent drops, another factor contributing to the ease of device damage is a lack of care given to these delicate devices. Therefore, leaving them unprotected from potential harm will only exacerbate the situation.

Studies show that most people drop their phones once every two or three months. The phone's edges can get scratched, or the screen can break. Screen replacements can cost between $100 and $400, depending on the model, while fixing dents and scratches might set you back between $50 and $200.

If you are not very careful and have never broken a screen, you can use wraps or screen protectors instead of a case. Slim cases are the best bet if you drop your phone in a blue moon more than once.

Finding Your Perfect Balance

If you want to go completely naked, do it. But make sure to use wraps, screen protectors, and grips to protect your phone. But if it's too much work or if we drop our phones many times and realize that fixing them can cost a lot of money, we should consider wearing full-on nudity. It's about finding the right balance between protecting the device from damage and keeping it stylish.

Good luck, brave souls, if your iPhone protection is without a case. May fortune be with you!

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