A Guide To Rockin’ Your PopSocket: Pop It, Stick It, Love It
By Team E.
May 10, 24

A Guide To Rockin’ Your PopSocket: Pop It, Stick It, Love It

A Guide To Rockin’ Your PopSocket: Pop It, Stick It, Love It

A Guide To Rockin’ Your PopSocket: Pop It, Stick It, Love It

So you've got a PopSocket. Congratulations! You now own one of the most practical, fashionable, and fun accessories for your smartphone. If you have never used one before, you are in for a treat. It’s a grip, it’s a stand; it’s a little piece of self-expression that makes your phone stylish. However, before we start popping together, let us walk through some basics on how do you put on a popsocket and reuse this little gadget at its best point. Ready? Let’s pop!

How to Stick Your PopSocket onto Your Phone

Let's talk about where do you put a popsocket, how to do it, and which part of the phone to stick it on.

 Where Can I Attach My Popsocket?

There are certain rules about which surface they work on:

  • Bare Phone Backs: The smooth surface of your phone is heaven for any caseless user. Just make sure the surface is clean and free of oils or dust. Rinse with some rubbing alcohol and continue.
  • Phone Cases: Most cases—silicone as well as plastic or leather ones—can readily accommodate a PopSocket without much ado. If you have a thick or textured case, the back of your intended place must be flat and firm.
  • Tablets: Do you have an iPad or Kindle that won’t stay put while watching Netflix? A magic trick can also be done here, but only if there is a plain background at the back where it can be attached.

Be sure not to use surfaces such as fabric or rubberized textured cases. For the PopSocket to adhere properly make sure there is one flat base area only.

Where Should I Stick My Popsocket?

Where Should I Stick My Popsocket?

Find the right spot for your PopSocket. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Middle of Your Phone: This will give you the best balance in terms of using it as a grip and stand. Carrying your phone around becomes easy.
  • Lower Third of Your Phone: It allows one-thumb texting and quick selfies. The extra reach also lets you type without fear of dropping your device.

Once you are holding your phone, find where your fingers naturally settle. You have arrived!

Where Do You Put A PopSocket to Phone Case

It’s time to get sticky with this! Learn how do you put on a popsocket like a real pro:

  1. Clean the Surface: Rub some alcohol on your phone or case to wipe off any oil or dirt because good adhesion requires a clean surface.
  2. Peel & Stick: Remove the adhesive backing and press the PopSocket down tightly onto the desired area. Make sure it is well aligned, as removing it becomes difficult once it is in place.
  3. Put your hand on it for 10-15 seconds. Make sure it sticks well so you don't have to do it again later.

Now wait for about an hour before twisting and popping; just let the adhesive cure. Have patience with it.

Can You Reuse a PopSocket?

Certainly! However, there are some things you need to know about reusing them.

 How Do I Take Off My Popsocket Step-by-Step

  1. Make It Flat: Press the PopSocket down flat so you can hold and remove it quickly.
  2. Pry up One Corner: Start by slowly lifting one corner with your nail or a thin plastic card, to avoid damaging the glue or scratching your phone.
  3. Unpeel Gently: Carefully peel off the PopSocket from your phone or its case. Take your time so that you do not tear off the adhesive.

Pro tip: Do not yank too hard; this may damage the adhesive.

How to Make Your PopSocket Sticky Again

 How to Make Your PopSocket Sticky Again

If you realize that your PopSocket has lost stickiness, follow these steps to be able to reactivate it:

  • Rinse and Air Dry: In the absence of soap, just rinse with water all over the side having adhesive and let it dry in open air completely. This should revitalize adhesiveness.
  • Dust Check: If dust or lint sticks to the adhesive, lift it away with a tiny bit of tape.

 Resticking Your PopSocket

After that, put it back as if it were new by pressing firmly on top of where it had been set. Adherence will remain intact, just like before, because of the used glues.

 Which Cases Can You Put a PopSocket On?

Although most cases adhere well with PopSockets, some work better than others.

  • Hard Plastic Cases: They are good for attaching Your pop socket grip because they have a smooth surface.
  • Silicone Cases: They are quite difficult due to their rubbery texture, but they are feasible if the silicone is not very soft. Just clean it before applying it.
  • Leather Cases: It will also attach well as long as this type of material has no texture or roughness.
  • Metal Cases: These may be applied if there is good adhesive on any pop socket strong enough to support them. However, with rough and curvy metal surfaces, the hold may not be secure.

Avoid using fabric, textured, or highly rubberized cases because they might not provide a stable surface for PopSocket to stick on.

And there you have it – a complete guide to latching on, reusing as well as loving your PopSocket. It is more than a handle; it’s a way of saving your camera, raising your selfie stakes, and enjoying series marathons in comfort. Also, it is reusable, so you can use different ones whenever possible.

If you have not stuck it yet, just go ahead and try. Today the phone is going to be more relaxed (and more valuable). Just pop, stick, and let the new look appear on your phone!

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