All About Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
By Team E.
May 15, 24

All About Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

All About Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

All About Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Let’s discuss something that will totally change the way your phone looks: tempered glass screen protectors. Do you know how they work? Dive in, and let’s get it!

How Do Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Work?

Tempering is the process of heating glass at very high temperatures and then cooling it suddenly. This makes the glass much stronger than ordinary one. Consider it as transforming your phone’s screen into a superhero shield.

What Is A Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

The tempered glass protector absorbs the impact when you drop your phone (we've all been there). It spreads this force across its surface, making your screen less likely to crack up. It is like having more muscle over your precious display for taking hits.

These protectors usually have a bottom adhesive layer that sticks to your device, a middle absorption layer that prevents shock, and an uppermost tempered glass layer that doesn't scratch or break. If the protector breaks, your screen won't shatter.

Their coolest part is that they have an oleophobic coating on the other side of their surfaces. This means it does not absorb oil or fingerprints, keeping a clean and smudge-free screen.

Another thing: installation couldn’t be simpler. This means you will surely put it correctly and press down until it fits well with no air bubbles. Also, unlike most other protectors, which leave residues after they have been replaced, these films peel off easily.

These covers don't make your screen less bright or sensitive. You know how it feels when you swipe your finger across the screen of a phone, and it feels rubbery? Tempered glass is not like that; it feels just like your original screen.

What Is A Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Why Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Are Better Than Other Screen Protectors?

Now you know the answer to “What is a tempered glass screen protector?” Let’s find out why you need a screen protector with tempered glass. There are many good reasons to use it.

Scratch Resistance

First up, scratch resistance. Is tempered glass screen protector good at it? Let’s be honest here: phones are constantly with us on the go. They stay in our pockets and bags and sometimes coexist with keys and coins. This is where tempered glass shines—literally. The hard, smooth surface makes it resistant to scratches from everyday items.

Dust particles can cause micro-scratches over time, even if you’re really cautious about your phone. In this case, the tempered glass adds an extra layer that is harder to scratch than the normal screen of your phone. With this alone, you won’t mind throwing your phone into a bag without thinking twice.

Heat Resistance

Did you know tempered glass can handle heat better than regular glass? Yeah! Tempered glasses can stand up to higher temperatures without warping or melting. This is especially important if you live in hot climate areas or if you forget your iPhone 15 in the car only to have the sun beat down on it.

Heat resistance also means that the protector won’t affect your phone's performance in any way. For example, playing games or watching movies online when there is a lot of traffic doesn't make it hard to see. This makes sure you're safe and prepared for anything that might happen, like using laser technology. 

Reduced Glare

Glare reduction is one of the benefits of tempered glass screen protectors that we rarely consider. If you have tried to use your phone in direct sunlight, you have surely experienced a very bad glare.

Tempered glass protectors are commonly equipped with an anti-glare coating. When this happens, the light gets scattered, and you can see the screen without seeing any reflections that bother you. This applies whether at the beach, on a hike, or just outside enjoying the day. For this reason, your eyes will be grateful.

Moreover, reduced glare also makes it easier for you to read from your screen. This is really handy when reading e-books or long articles (like this one!). It reduces eye strain and makes for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Comfortable Fit

Comfortable Fit

A good screen protector should feel natural and look like part of your phone. In this regard, tempered glass protectors outshine others. They fit perfectly on the phone and cover all the necessary parts.

This type of surface resembles a normal phone screen, so users don't always notice it. Even if we put on these covers, our phones still work well when we touch them. They stay sensitive and responsive, so you can keep tapping and typing.

Also, since it is made of glasses, your phone's appearance will not change. It will be clear and transparent so that bright colors will appear right.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Types

Different types are designed specifically for various gadgets to guarantee excellent security.

Tempered Glass Phone Screens

The first category is protective covers for mobile phones, usually made for these devices, giving complete coverage and easy setup. They are cut according to the phone’s shape, including holes for the camera and sensors.

These covers keep your phone safe from drops, scratches, and hits, which is important for anyone who cares about their phone. You can choose between full protection all around or protectors that fit inside the bezels. Choose the level of protection that works best for you.

Tempered Glass Tablet Screen Protectors

Because tablets are larger, their screens have a bigger risk area. Is tempered glass screen protector good for tablets?

They ensure high transparency and touch sensitivity, so you can still use your tablet as if it were new. A tempered glass protector protects a tablet's screen from scratches or breakages. These items are also easy to apply and remove, like phone protectors.

Tempered Glass Smart Watch Screen Protectors

Tempered Glass Smart Watch Screen Protectors

Could it be possible that even your smartwatch requires a tempered glass protector? Since smartwatches have small round screens, tiny protectors for such gadgets are the best choice here. They are like smartphones, so your watch screen always stays clean.

Having some extra protection would be helpful, especially in avoiding issues. A watch's touch functionality, similar to phones and tablets, will maintain its original appearance.

Screen Protector Features

While looking for a tempered glass screen protector, you’ll notice they have different attributes. Let’s examine some of them.


Screen protectors vary in thickness, usually from 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm. Thinner protectors keep your phone sleek, while thicker ones offer more protection. Finding a good balance is key.

A thinner protector, like 0.2 mm, is almost invisible and feels like the original screen. This is perfect if you don’t want your phone bulky again. However, a thicker protector, like 0.5 mm, can make your device last longer and resist damage. This is especially helpful if you use your device a lot.


The selection of a screen protector should provide adequate coverage for any device. Some protect the entire front part of these gadgets, while others only protect against damage caused by scratching or falling on flat surfaces.

But make sure that your case will work with an edge-to-edge guard. It may sometimes push against the guard’s edges, lifting it up.


The majority of tempered glass covers are equipped with distinct coatings. The Oleophobic coating ensures that oil does not adhere to the screen, preventing finger prints that could cause it to become dirty again. Anti-glare is another coating that facilitates the visibility of one's device in intense light situations. 

This also helps users keep their screens looking good by preventing water stains with water-repellant hydrophobic coatings.



Is tempered glass screen protector good at transparency? Actually, it is not good, but perfect. Tempered glass protectors that allow colors, brightness, and clarity to be still seen on your display.

Ensure the protectors are highly transparent, with a 99% or higher transparency rate. This will ensure the screen is still bright and clear without changing color.

How to Choose the Right Screen Protector

Selecting a screen saver depends on your personal taste, wants, and preferences. Consider how much protection you need, such as anti-glare or oleophobic screens, and see if it fits in your phone case. You can read reviews and see what others think about similar devices that work well for you to make a good choice.

How to Apply a Screen Protector

Once you know how to use the tempered glass screen protector, it is not hard to apply. Here is an outline procedure for fitting one:

  • Step 1: Clean Your Screen: Use a microfiber cloth to clean your screen thoroughly. Leaving any dust or smudges behind can cause bubbles.
  • Step 2: Align the Protector: Before peeling off the backing, align the protector with your screen to ensure a proper fit.
  • Step 3: Peel Off the Backing: Carefully peel off the protective layer on the adhesive side of the protector.
  • Step 4: Apply the Protector: Starting from one end, gently press the protector onto your screen, aligning it as you go.
  • Step 5: Smooth Out Bubbles: Use a soft cloth or a squeegee to smooth out any bubbles by pushing them toward the edges.
  • Step 6: Final Check: Ensure complete adhesion; no air bubbles remain on its surface.

Orase has some of the best-tempered glass screen guards available regarding phone protection. Orase believes in doing things right or not at all. These gadgets do what they are supposed to do: protect your phone and keep its original look and feel.

Orase’s protectors have advanced coatings that repel oil, fingerprint, and water for a pristine screen.

Orase's commitment to quality extends to all of our accessories, including phone cases that empower and express individuality. Among these are marble, motherhood, retro, floral, and even quote case collections that you can use to find your style match.

Consequently, if you want a safe and stylish mobile phone, consider going through Orase. Their dedication to quality and range of products will enable you to get an ideal screen protector as well as accessories that suit your needs perfectly.

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