Charging Your Phone with a Case On. Possible?
By Team E.
Apr 15, 24

Charging Your Phone with a Case On. Possible?

Charging Your Phone with a Case On. Possible?

Charging Your Phone with a Case On. Possible?

Let’s discuss something we may overlook but do every day— “Does wireless charging work with a case?” It’s second nature, right? Plug it in, and you will be good to go. However, here's an interesting fact for you: putting your phone on the charge with the case on its body may not be okay.

Now, “Hold on!” You might be asking yourself why I shouldn’t charge my phone “in its case.” Allow me to spill the beans. Our smartphones are pretty solid things that can sometimes feel fragile, too. For example, certain charging conditions can cause these gadgets to throw tantrums, which can result in unfavorable situations.

Does Wireless Charging Work With a Case? The Lowdown

When your phone is charging, it warms up—no biggie. But if it’s covered by a case, this warmth won’t dissipate or spread as it should naturally. Think of it like wearing thick jackets in summer; you and your phone will get hot under such circumstances. Moreover, some cases may even obstruct the cool breeze meant to circulate your device, thereby heightening overheating issues.

Another thing is that when you charge your phone in its case, the process slows down considerably. Yes, sir! When your phone gets hot, it prefers to take all the time possible to recharge itself, even if there is no hurry. Removing this layer ensures that the phone maintains low temperatures and charges relatively faster.

Leading smartphone brands such as Apple suggest giving your device room to breathe while it charges to maintain optimal battery performance.

Battery Tips for Your Phone Happiness

Battery Tips for Your Phone Happiness

Well, will wireless charging work with a case? Should we take off the cover before plugging in our phone? Yes. This allows air to flow around the phone (or heat), making overheating unlikely. It is also a simple way to improve the battery's life span.

Are you worried about scratches? Place the device on something soft like a folded T-shirt or fluffy towel while charging it without the case.

Other Charging No-Nos to Avoid

  • The Full Cycle Myth. You may have heard that charging your phone battery below 20% or above 80% during charging is bad. However, a 20-80% charge level is the best for your battery’s health.
  • Overnight Charging. It’s tempting, right? Nevertheless, even though phones automatically stop charging at full battery levels, they will begin again when they hit 99%. This repetitive process wears out batteries quickly.
  • The Cheap Charger Temptation. Stick with quality brands. Imitations and fake chargers can be cheaper, but they might spoil your battery.
  • Avoid the Sauna. Do not keep it in direct sunlight or near anything hot. Like people, phones do not tolerate too much heat.

Charging our phones is one of those things we do without even thinking about it. However, a few tweaks can greatly affect how long the gadgets and their batteries last. The next time you plug in, give your phone tender loving care and charge it properly. It’s surprising how something as basic as removing your phone case cover before charging can be such a game changer. Always bear these pointers in mind, and your phone and its battery shall sing your praises!

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