Do iPhone 11 Cases Fit the iPhone 11 Pro?
By Team E.
May 19, 24

Do iPhone 11 Cases Fit the iPhone 11 Pro?

Do iPhone 11 Cases Fit the iPhone 11 Pro?

Do iPhone 11 Cases Fit the iPhone 11 Pro?

Finding a case that fits perfectly on your iPhone requires attention to detail since any slight variance in a device’s design can affect its compatibility—inquiring if the iPhone 11 and 11 pro are the same size. Well, no, it is not.

Differentiating Factors

The iPhone 11 cases is incompatible with the iPhone 11 Pro due to differences in designs and camera setups. The iPhone 11's screen size is 6.1 inches and features a dual-camera system. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro has a slightly smaller display of about 5.8 inches and three cameras, which necessitates more space in the cases for larger camera modules.

This means that cases designed for iPhone eleven do not align well with iPhone 11 Pro due to differences in sizes and camera orientations. A case designed for the former would be too big for the latter because of its size, while there will be an offset of camera cut-outs versus triple cameras for iPhone 11 Pro.

Tips When Choosing a Suitable Case

Choose only those phone covers made specifically to fit your type of handset fully on all sides, ensuring full access to all ports and buttons, including this all-important element—the camera system.

Overview of Orase’s Cases

Overview of Orase’s Cases

Each of’s cases considers different phone models so they can be worn comfortably and provide maximum protection. Lastly, ensure you consider model specifics when buying a case, hence achieving compatibility and safety purposes.

  • Motherhood Collection. This collection showcases phone cases with vibrant and heartfelt designs celebrating motherhood. These cases are perfect for moms who want their devices to have a personal feel while providing great protection.

  • Art Collection. At Orase, you will find the Art Collection comprising cases that turn your phone into a masterpiece. Each case in this collection has various artists’ unique pieces of artwork blended to offer a mix of creativity and protection.

  • Marble Collection. The Marble Collection at Orase includes elegantly designed cases with marble patterns in multiple color palettes. These cases blend classic sophistication with modern style, making your device stand out stylishly.

  • Bestsellers. Orase's Bestsellers are the most famous cases, known for their durability and unique designs. They also meet top standards in terms of style and protection, hence their tendency to be favored by many customers.

Now you have the answer to the question is “iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro the same size?”. And you can easily choose any case specifically for your phone model. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

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