How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow
By Team E.
Mar 08, 24

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow

Sometimes you just don’t want to hide the beautiful color of your phone. However, you also cannot leave it unprotected. That’s when a transparent case comes to mind: it doesn’t change the color of your gadget but gives it good protection. And just at the moment when you are ready to purchase it, there’s a thought that stops you. You understand that sooner or later your clear case will turn yellow. Why do our a clear phone cases turn yellow? We will answer this question later. The main thing is, how to wash off the yellowness? Read more life hacks and tips on how to remove yellowness and wear transparent cases with your style.

But first things first: why does a clear phone case become yellow?

Let’s figure out the mystery of the yellow case. It is all about heat and everyday life, which is unavoidable. Silicone is a porous material. Heat makes cases act like sponges for dirt and grime, so keeping them away from your afternoon sunbathing sessions is a good idea. Also, the daily adventure of dust, sweat, and dirt touching our cases is enough to make them not as perfect as they used to be.

Keeping It Clean Based on Color

Based on the colors of your phone case there are different ways to clean them. 

  • Clear Cases

Got a clear case? Good news! You can get rid of the yellowness by using simple products like baking soda or rubbing alcohol. A little scrub here, a soak there, and you're good to go.

  • Colored Cases

If you’ve got a colorful case, treat it like your favorite t-shirt. Use gentle cleaners like laundry soap or color-safe bleach to lift the yellowing without turning your case into a tie-dye project.

Some Weird but Effective Cleaning Hacks

Sometimes the strange tools could work better than standard ones.

Method 1: Whitening Toothpaste

    Very simple yet effective – this can help erase those annoying yellow spots while being gentle with your case.

    Method 2: Liquid Soap and Dishwashing Detergent

    Great for fresh stains, these can get into the nooks and crannies without any harsh vibes.

    Method 3: The Milk and Egg White Mix

    This may sound like breakfast, but actually, it's a fancy spa treatment for your case. It cleans up and gives it a shine, so if you have a light-colored case, you may give this mixture a chance!

    Never Clean Your Silicone Cases Like This

    Harsh chemicals are a big no-no. Anything that sounds like it belongs in a science experiment should stay far away from your case. Harsh chemicals can break down the silicone, making it brittle or even worse, ruining it completely. Imagine turning your flexible case into something that crumbles like a cookie. Not cool.

    Using something too gritty is like using sandpaper on your car’s paint job. You might remove the dirt, but you’ll also say goodbye to the smooth finish. Just stick to soft clothes or sponges.

    Steer clear of extreme heat. Just like you wouldn’t put your pet in a sauna, don’t put your silicone case in extreme heat to dry. It can warp or melt, leaving you with a Salvador Dali-esque accessory.

    Don’t soak for too long either. A quick dip in a cleaning solution is fine, but leaving your case to soak as if it’s enjoying a spa day, is a recipe for disaster. Silicone is porous and can absorb substances, which might lead to swelling or discoloration. Therefore, some practices are critical to avoid while addressing “why does a clear phone case turn yellow”.

    Never Clean Your Silicone Cases Like This

    Some More Friendly Advice

    • Test first. Use your cleaning method on a small, unnoticeable area of your case.
    • Patience is always your friend. Give it a gentle clean and let it dry naturally. No need to rush things and risk damage.
    • When in doubt, go simple. In most cases, warm water and mild soap are all you need, and it will help you to avoid potential mistakes. 

    And there you have it! Armed with the dos and don’ts, you’re now a certified silicone case cleaning wizard. Treat your case with care, and it’ll keep your gadget safe and stylish for the long run.

    Prevention Is Key 

    Honestly, the best fight against yellowing is a good defense. Keep that case clean with regular wipe-downs, smart storage away from heat and UV, and a little love and care. This approach is essential when you think about “why does a clear phone case turn yellow” and most importantly, how to prevent it. Think of it as petting a cat – do it often, and it'll purr back in gratitude (and cleanliness).

    After all, if your case has seen better days and it’s time for an upgrade, remember to check out Orase for a perfect new clear iPhone case! They’ve got style, protection, and a huge variety of cases to suit any taste. Keep your phone dressed to impress, and happy cleaning!

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