Phone's Grip: Slip-Proof Solutions for a Secure Hold
By Team E.
Apr 13, 24

Phone's Grip: Slip-Proof Solutions for a Secure Hold

Phone's Grip: Slip-Proof Solutions for a Secure Hold

Phone's Grip: Slip-Proof Solutions for a Secure Hold

A smartphone can be broken easily by a small mistake, which we know not from books but from experience.

Your phone deserves cases that are scratch- and break-resistant when it falls. However, it is contradictory that most of them are very slippery. Would you like to improve your device's grip? Here are several ways to help you do so.

Why Can Phone Cases Be So Slippery?

Phone cases can be slippery for various reasons, both related to materials and design:

  • Materials of manufacture. Many cases are made of polycarbonate or glossy plastic. This makes the product look attractive, but the smooth surface of such materials does not allow one to hold the device securely with one hand.
  • Design. Smooth and not textured case surfaces look stylish and modern, but they increase the risk of slipping out of your hands. Manufacturers try to find a balance between aesthetic qualities and practicality in products, but sometimes priority is given to appearance.
  • Protective properties. There are models of covers designed specifically for shockproof protection—they have rubberized air cushions or reinforced corners. However, due to their increased thickness and weight, they slip even more from their hands.
  • Moisture and dirt. If there is moisture on your hands or if you drop a phone into sand or dirt, the case becomes even more slippery than usual. Because of this, it will be easier for him to fall out of his hands with one careless movement.

How to make a phone case less slippery?

Actually, there are several answers to this question. 

  1. Buy a Phone Case Designed with Enhanced Grip in Mind

Sometimes, getting a stronger hold on your mobile phone can be as simple as buying a more advanced case specifically made to make gripping easier. Although most cases might be able to reduce damages from falls by absorbing the impacts, they do not consider how easily it can be handled ergonomically. Some cases end up facilitating drops due to their huge sizes and forms.

A less slippery phone case is built in such a way that it protects against gravitational mishaps and guards against slips before they happen. The thin (but strong) plastic/rubber hybrid frame wraps around the back and sides and has rubberized grips that keep fingers from slipping away featuring ridges for added hand stability. While other anti-slip solutions exist in the market, this protection series stands out in certain respects including a built-in camera guard for crystal clear photographs, air-cushioned edges, and a screen protector.

  1. Apply Grip Tape

Here’s one scenario that may ring true for many people: You love your current phone cover but then there’s been one too many drops resulting from slips hence it needs to go! No matter how solid the housing is, sometimes electronics meet water through accidental submersion situations (yes, we’ve done that). If this sounds familiar, grip tape is your go-to solution.

This can easily be accomplished with grip tape, a rubberized adhesive strip that can be found on the websites of most major online retailers. It is sold per sheet and available in different sizes.

We recommend sticking grip tape all over the back and sides of your slippery phone case since it is versatile enough for almost every application if you want to prevent sweaty palms during intense gaming.

However, a cautionary note for phone case applications: some brands offer tape they claim is easily removable but may still require some cleanup after prolonged use due to residue. Adhesive residue bonds stronger when subjected to humidity and heat. Nonetheless, this grip tape is a fun and inexpensive way of adding functionality to your phone cover and decorative shapes for personalization!

  1. Incorporate a Phone Loop

Introducing another budget-friendly addition to enhance your phone's handling: the phone loop. Adding a loop at the back of your phone or case gives you something to slip your finger through, so even if it does slip out of your hand, it will not fall completely.

Phone loops come in various designs, ranging from simple ribbon types to more elaborate elastic loops that do not require thumbs. The LoveHandle is unique due to its simplicity and lack of bulkiness. It is a stretchable band that sticks with your case. It is unmatched in terms of sophistication, clarity, and productivity, and customization options abound, with countless styles for individuality.

Secure your grip!

Secure your grip!

These pointers are meant to help you strengthen the grip on your phone case. If you are looking for aesthetics that resist falls, why won’t you try all three methods?

Just imagine how others using smartphones would admire it if they saw it wrapped with grip tape and a loop. Though this may appear somewhat overboard, there wouldn’t be anything we wouldn’t mind doing to prevent such an occurrence.

Yes! The mission “How to make a phone case less slippery” is over! Check out Orase’s phone cases to protective and aesthetically appealing your device.

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