Unraveling the Mystery Behind Cracked Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
By Team E.
Mar 30, 24

Unraveling the Mystery Behind Cracked Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Unraveling the Mystery Behind Cracked Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Unraveling the Mystery Behind Cracked Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Does your tempered glass screen protector end up looking like a cobweb even after a tiny accident? You didn’t even fully drop it but it already looks like a shattered mirror? It goes beyond mere misfortune or poor quality. There’s always a reason why it happens, and understanding it might help you revise your screen protector in a whole new light.

Discover Why Your Screen Protector Cracked

Imagine your phone being a secret superhero, while the screen protector is his trusted assistant, always ready to help. When something happens (a slide from your hand, a tumble off a table), it doesn’t spell doom for your device. With tempered glass, those heart-stopping moments will have much more fortunate results. 

Here’s the thing: when you find a crack in a screen protector, it’s actually a good sign. It means that the screen protector has absorbed the shock and left your phone undamaged. It was made to break, so your smartphone doesn’t have to. 

Tempered Glass: The Secret Hero

Tempered glass is not just a fancy name. It’s created by the process of intensive heating and then quickly cooling and is up to five times more durable compared to regular glass. This resilience has made it possible to use tempered glass for everything - car windows, shower doors, aquariums, and, yes - even mobile phone screen protectors. 

And the coolest part? When it does break, chunks of glass stay together, making it very easy to take off and minimizing the risk of cutting your hands. Found a crack on your tempered glass? Well, the protector has done its job, so it’s time to get a replacement.

Choosing Your Next Screen Guardian

Smartphones get better every year, and so do screen protectors. They become stronger, offering the next level of protection for your phone. For those who want edge-to-edge protection, blue light blocking, or full privacy from a certain angle - there’s always an option for every need. Choose the best for the maximum safety of your phone!

Here are some tips for selecting a screen protector

Here are some tips for selecting a screen protector:

  1. Go for a glass that's specifically designed for your phone. You can find protective glass made with your exact model in mind. This will guarantee a perfect fit and take into account design features. For example, some phones have rounded edges or cutouts that could be covered by the wrong glass.
  2. Take a look at the thickness of the glass — too thin won’t protect your phone and too thick may hinder it from performing to its fullest potential. The ideal thickness is anywhere between 0.2 to 0.3 mm.
  3. Ensure you choose an anti-reflective coating, as this will help you see the screen more clearly when you use it outside.

    Why Tempered Glass is the Wise Choice for Your Smartphone

    Tempered glass is always agreat choice to level up your phone’s protection, and here’s why:

    • Maximum Strength. Tempered glass was made by the process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, so it’s much more durable compared to regular glass. This toughness reduces scratching, cracking, and knocking, giving your phone the ultimate daily protection
    • Crystal Clear Display. The tempered glass on your phone will ensure that you won’t notice any difference in the clarity and responsiveness of the screen. It will be as comfortable as usual. 
    • Simple Installation. A lot of tempered glass protectors come with a special application kit. They were designed to make the application process as easy as possible, and bubble-free as well!
    • Peace of Mind. With a protective glass installed on your phone, you stop worrying about scratches that may occur. You’re just enjoying your daily life with your phone, while tempered glass ensures its safety.

      As we dive deeper into the smartphone world, the decision to use tempered glass only becomes more apparent. Screen protectors go beyond safeguarding our screens; they give a perfect blend of protection, a user-friendly experience, and a sense of security. So, if you are considering purchasing a new phone, don’t forget to complete it with the excellent protection that tempered glass offers!

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