Valuable Tips For Fixing A Cracked Phone Screen
By Team E.
May 06, 24

Valuable Tips For Fixing A Cracked Phone Screen

Valuable Tips For Fixing A Cracked Phone Screen

Valuable Tips For Fixing A Cracked Phone Screen

So, you’ve cracked your phone screen. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! A broken screen can be a real bummer, whether a small scratch or a full-on spiderweb crack. But don’t stress just yet. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about preventing and how to fix a cracked phone. Let’s get started!

Why Do Phones Crack?

Before we get into fixes, let’s talk about why our beloved devices end up cracked in the first place. The most common cause is accidental drops. The phone slipping from your hands or pockets is a classic screen-cracker move. Another reason is sitting on your phone and leaving it in your back pocket—this applies a ton of pressure on the screen. 

Throwing your phone into a bag with heavy books (or anything else hard) can put unintended pressure on the screen; similarly, extreme temperatures can weaken screens and make them more vulnerable to cracks. Finally, some phones are prone to screen cracking due to manufacturing defects, though rare.

How To Prevent A Phone Case Cracking

To prevent cracks is easier and cheaper than to fix a cracked phone later. Here’s how:

Screen Protector

A tempered glass or plastic film protector from offers scratch-resistant solid protection—the tempered glass protectors feel like an iPhone screen! However, they’re priced slightly higher than plastic ones, offering less protection but also cheaper.

Installation Tips:

- Clean your screen thoroughly before applying any kind of protector.

- Use provided alignment tools for precise positioning.

- Gently smooth out bubbles for a perfect finish.

Phone Cases

A good case can save you from many accidental drops—and they look great too! At, there are lots of stylish designs from which to choose. Slim cases are perfect for scratch protection, while rugged ones provide solid drop and impact protection.

Our phone covers are not only useful but also unique. Every single Orase case is a mix of art and usefulness. It is a mix of durable materials and special designs that appreciate self-expression and beauty standards. These things were made for people who want to be themselves and show it to the whole world.

Then why should you settle for average when it is excellent? Do it with class and let your phone wear Orase cases since nobody else is like you!

When buying a case, you should be sure it covers all edges/corners of your phone like Orase cases do. In another way, you will just collect cracked phone cases.

How To Prevent A Phone Case Cracking

Lens Protector

If your smartphone has multiple cameras, then protecting those lenses is very important! Individual lens covers, or one protector for the entire camera bump will save them from scratches/impacts.

How To Fix A Cracked Screen Cover

Alright, so this time, prevention didn’t work. But don’t worry! Here’s how to fix a cracked screen cover:

Use Packing Tape

As a quick fix for small cracks, you can try this DIY hack:

- Cut out a piece of clear packing tape that matches the size of the crack.

- Gently stick it over the screen to keep the glass from falling apart.

It won’t be permanent, but at least your fingers will be safe from glass shards, and the crack will not get worse.

Use Warranty For Repair

If your device still has a warranty, consider sending it back to the manufacturer for repair. Apple, Samsung, and other major brands usually have repair programs for cracked screens. Check your warranty status to see if your device is eligible for repair or replacement.

A Repair Shop Can Fix It

When manufacturer repair is not an option (because they might charge more), bring your device to a third-party shop nearby. Make sure that they are authorized by Apple or whatever brand manufactured your phone; otherwise, this might void any remaining warranties. Also, comparing prices between different shops can help you save money and get the best deal possible.

Although professional repairs may cost more than doing them yourself, they take a much shorter time and come with the assurance of good quality work, so that peace of mind feeling comes around faster, too!

Swap your phone for a fresh one

If all else fails because either age or expense prohibits fixing, then trade in the old phone at a retailer such as Apple, Samsung, or a carrier like Verizon. These retailers have trade-ins that give credit toward new devices anyway. Alternatively, sell broken phones online through eBay/Swappa, etc., where people buy used items cheaply!


If your smartphone screen gets cracked, it's not a big deal. Get a stylish case from with designer prints and a good screen protector. Think about whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional. If it gets worse, buy a new device. Take care of it to be connected! Remember that prevention is the first tip to keep your phone from cracking.

Happy fixing!

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