Why Is Your Phone Overheating And What Can You Do to Prevent It?
By Team E.
May 10, 24

Why Is Your Phone Overheating And What Can You Do to Prevent It?

Why Is Your Phone Overheating And What Can You Do to Prevent It?

Why Is Your Phone Overheating And What Can You Do to Prevent It?

Okay, so the egg you just fried on your phone will stick forever there. Before you panic and think that you have a time bomb in your pocket, take a deep breath. Overheating is common, and it may not mean that our devices are dying. That’s why today we are going to talk about “why my phone is hot” and how can you cool the situation down before it becomes an issue.

The Usual Suspects Of Phone Overheating

Here we added the main suspects of phone overheating

1. Applications and games that consume a lot of resources.

Did you ever notice that your mobile device warms up when you play games or watch movies for hours on end? The truth is that these applications are heavy in resources. They push processors of both – central and graphic types to their limits making them work harder than usual. Your phone will become a small radiator if playing Genshin Impact or streaming Netflix in high definition 4K resolution.


  • Keep playing or streaming shorter bursts.
  • Turn off graphics-intensive settings while gaming or stream videos in standard definition.

2. Background Processes

All those notifications, background syncs, and GPS tracking apps consume power from your battery as well as process resources silently. Sometimes this can be the answer to your question “why my phone is hot” your phone feel hot even though you're carrying it in your pocket.


  • Go to settings and disable app refreshing all the time for apps which don’t require updating frequently.
  • For applications which don’t need to know where you are at every moment of 24/7 turn off location services for them.
Environment Factors

3. Environment Factors

A burning hot car dashboard? A day out at the beach with its rays landing directly on your phone? Summer vibes like these can make your phone feel like a miniature radiator too! Excessive temperatures, particularly heat, are dangerous for our devices.


  • Don't place your phone in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid leaving it on hot surfaces or in your car if it is overheating.

4. Wrong or Poor-Quality Charger

A breakdown of the charger or a lower quality of cables can lead to phone overheating. Quick charging makes charging faster, but it also makes more heat, especially if your charger isn't good enough.


  • Use original chargers and cables.
  • Do without quick charging unless there is no other option available.

5. Software Bugs And Glitches

Sometimes, apps don't make the device too hot. It's the bugs in their software that make phones get too hot. Defects present within operating systems (OS) as well as app updates might cause processes running amok in the background.


  • Ensure that your OS and apps are up-to-date on your phone.
  • If issue continues clear cache or reset system factory settings on your mobile phone for good measure.

6. Battery Problems

If you have an old or damaged battery, then even minimal use might make it overheat. Over time, lithium-ion batteries become less efficient and produce more heat. They also become less efficient at storing charge, which can cause problems with our smartphones.


  • Check if supported by going to Settings > Battery > Health = Maximum Capacity (iPhone).
  • In case thermal issues persist after the above actions consider changing battery / upgrading device which will require some additional money spent depending upon individual scenario.

When you are not using them, switch off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Doing so will prevent your phone’s internal components from being overworked.

How To Make Your Phone Cooler In Minutes?

How To Make Your Phone Cooler In Minutes?

Let’s talk about what you can actually do to make the temperature of your phone much lower.

Shut Down Open Apps

Get rid of all those open applications which may be running background processes. This will make more memory and processing power available.

Activate Airplane Mode

The majority of the phone's network-related functions are disabled in this mode, lessening its load. For a boiling hot device, this fixes it in no time.

Reboot Your Phone

Sometimes restarting your phone could deal with any software bugs that cause overheating of your devices.

Keep It Cool

Move your telephone to a cooler place keeping away from direct sunshine or heat sources. You can even put it in front of a fan for faster cooling.

Dim Your Screen

If your screen is too bright, turn it down to save your battery and GPU.

Avoid Overheating: Solutions That Last Long

Avoid Overheating: Solutions That Last Long

Here you will find a prevention overheating guide. 

  1. Update Your Software Regularly

This helps fix problems with software by making sure your computer and apps have the latest updates and other updates from developers to use less resources.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Applications from Your Device

Can you really use 50 games and five weather widgets? De-clutterize! Fewer applications mean fewer behind- the-scenes programs that gobble up CPU resources.

  1. Opt for Quality Accessories Instead

To charge your phone safely, buy good chargers and cables. Bad accessories can cause problems with charging and make phones overheat.

  1. Keep Off Bright Sun

Make sure your cell phone doesn't get too hot in the sun. Put it in a shade or put it in a bag when you go outside for a while. This is important for this discussion.

  1. Battery Health Monitoring

Check your phone’s battery health often. When it starts wearing out, replace it before it begins causing overheating problems.

When to Grow Concerned and Ask for Help

If you still find that your phone is always getting too hot, maybe you should take it to a professional technician. Here are some of the things to look out for:

  • Your phone feels hot even when not in use.
  • The battery drains much more quickly than usual.
  • The screen flickers or the device shuts down unexpectedly.
  • You begin smelling something smoky or see swelling around your battery area.

These may be signs of a damaged hardware which need expertise assistance. Don’t wait – let somebody check it as soon as possible before causing fire trouble which can bring about great losses.

Coolant Systems in Digital Era

Although a common problem, overheating is not catastrophic. By learning about its causes and using these cooling and prevention tips, you can make sure that your mobile runs at low temperatures while working efficiently. Remember that every little act of care counts; keep calm so that your devices chill!

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