Plugged In & Powered Up: Can You Use Your Phone While Charging?
By Team E.
Apr 16, 24

Plugged In & Powered Up: Can You Use Your Phone While Charging?

Plugged In & Powered Up: Can You Use Your Phone While Charging?

Plugged In & Powered Up: Can You Use Your Phone While Charging?

You may have wondered if it’s okay to use your phone while it’s being charged. But honestly, considering that our smartphones are parts of us (shower scrolling, for example), just because a phone gets plucked into a charger does not mean that we must discontinue our digital lives.

Before getting into the main subject matter, let us reassure you first. It is not a big deal to use the phone while charging. This would be explained by what many people argue that the makers of these gadgets never mentioned in the now dusty manuals.

However, this is not an open-and-shut case. The concept is very controversial: some say that operating your phone while connected might lead to overheating, whereas others consider this too much panic over nothing. In other words, no tech sage (even Steve Jobs) has ever come down from cyberspace to tell us that we should abstain from phones during their recharging process.

Debunking the Myth: Can You Use Your Phone While Charging?

So here’s the thing – yes, you can use your phone while charging if you genuinely cannot resist notifications or want to win another level in a game. No catastrophes will occur, but maybe you should not make it a marathon for the well-being of your loved mobile device.

Heat Build-Up and Potential Overheating

When you plug in your phone and use it simultaneously, heat levels increase. If you are playing games or streaming videos on platforms such as YouTube and charging at the same time, there are two sources of heat—one in the form of charging and the other from the processor running applications like games or video streaming, which causes the temperatures to rise high above normalcy.

Orase prides itself on embracing technology without compromising its ability to protect its devices. For instance, Orase advises that you should give your phone some space to breathe as it charges. It is also about ensuring that your phone stays with you for the longest time possible and runs smoothly, but not because of overheating.

Quality Cable and Original Power Adapter Are a Must

The quality of what you use to recharge your phone is often overlooked.

Even if the phone is not in use during charging, an inadequate cable or adapter may result in overheating. Many people select the cheapest charger they can find when they lose their original ones without knowing that this may have health implications for their phone.

Be it a tough charging cable that doesn’t break easily or an adapter that ensures your mobile device charges safely and efficiently, we believe in making good accessories. This means maintaining the manufacturer’s specifications so that even during power-up, the device will remain cool and composed.

Mind the Charging Port and Cable Health

A worn-out or bent cable isn’t just a nuisance; it could be a hazard, altering the flow of current. Similarly, a dirty charging port might change how your phone charges, potentially leading to overheating and reducing your battery’s lifespan.

Wireless charging is less affected by this situation, and Orase products support it, thus enabling seamless battery refills while keeping battery condition intact.

Battery Life: What You Should Think About

If charging a phone while using is a regular thing, the life of its battery may fall. In connection with this, there is potential for overheating and disruption of the optimal charging cycle.

Our suggestion? 20% to 80% is a good range for your phone’s battery life span. It may seem like an easy step, but determining how long your smartphone will last in good condition will go a long way.

Orase’s Take: Charging Your Phone While Using It? Tread Carefully

Don’t worry if sometimes you use your phone when it’s still connected to the charger. But if it becomes a pattern, you might just say bye-bye to those prime years of your battery too soon than expected.

We always offer high-end smart-tech accessories and impart knowledge on keeping your devices at their optimal level. Our phone cases and accessories are tailored to your device's health and longevity. So remember, next time you plug in, just taking a little break can go a long way toward keeping our tech treasures happy and healthy.

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