Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases
By Team E.
Mar 22, 24

Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases

Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases

Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases

Within the last ten years, our smartphones have become our everyday necessity, as well as a fashion statement. Countless amount of phone cases give us a great opportunity to show our taste and style, but finding the right one in this huge variety sometimes feels like an impossible task. But if you look closer, some hidden gems are waiting for you to pick them up. So let’s find the best place to buy a phone case! We’ve picked the top 20 websites for phone case lovers and analyzed price differences, range of products, and other things that make them special.

Finding the best site for phone cases: Top 20

  1. stands out with its artistic touch and outstanding cases that scream both fashion and safety. Navigating through is like visiting an art gallery, where every phone case is nothing but artwork created to match the individuality of its owner. With their different collections, from imaginatively abstract cases to practical realism ones, Orase shows there is always something for everyone. And this is not just about showing up; it’s all about finding a case that speaks to your soul and goes perfectly with your everyday life, giving your phone both style and protection. 

Orase cases were made by women for women. Each piece is a bright representation of creative design and female empowerment. Moreover, when purchasing a case from Orase, you’re helping African women with delivering water, which is a crucial issue in Africa. With each case sold, Orase donates 5 dollars to – a global nonprofit organization that helps people all over the world get access to clean water.

Pricing: Orase offers mid-range prices with a perfect price and quality ratio, ofteт having sales that make your purchase even more affordable. 

Peculiarities: Orase stands out from other case brands by its combination of durability and creativity inside every product. Each case bought at is proof that digital protection can be stylish. Ranging from highly intricate to delightfully realistic, their collections cater to extensive individual tastes and styles. 

Let’s take a look at the top 8 phone cases that we’ve chosen among the most popular at Orase. All of them have dual-layer protection

**Tropical Oasis Case** The name speaks for itself - this case was inspired by nature and has light green leaves printed all over it. This phone case is made for people who enjoy tropical vibes and love being close to the wild. Or maybe you just love this delicate color and overall look - it’s very relaxing to have a nice little oasis in your pocket.

**Flower Power Case** This case was inspired by timeless flower themes which gives your gadget a romantic touch. It’s a perfect choice for those who love tender colors and floral patterns. 

**Oceanic Euphoria Case** A perfect choice for those who are fascinated with the magical power of the ocean and feel the freedom embodied in its mighty waves. Besides its captivating appearance, this phone cover is also meant to protect your phone with unwavering strength.

**Orange Swirl Case** For all the retro souls out there, we have this bright case with a groovy vibe. Orange Swirl case is inspired by 70’s colors and patterns and adds a little spice to your style. This case is a testament that you can protect your phone and make a fashion statement at the same time.

**Azure Case** This fascinating case with a deep green marble print definitely creates some hypnotizing effect. It mimics the beautiful texture of natural marble stone, but at the same time reminds you of outer space and unknown galaxies. This case provides a great level of protection and brings you joy every time you look at your device.

**Animal Adventures Case** Cats and dogs are our best friends who bring joy and happiness to our everyday lives. The same goes for this case: it was designed to bring you joy and make you smile every time you look at it. These little cute faces will help you stay optimistic throughout the day!

**Mom Power Case** Celebrate the joy of motherhood with this cute and inspiring phone case. No matter how difficult it feels sometimes, it’s always important to remind yourself how strong you are. “We make the impossible happen daily” – this is an inspiring logo that will keep you motivated and grateful. 

**Black Dots Case** Made in classic black and white colors, this case is an elegant and stylish detail to compliment your look. Those black asymmetrical dots look cute and classy and at the same time give this case a playful vibe. 

Each item from this top-8 selection shows Orase’s commitment to mixing artistry with practicality, by offering great protection for your gadget and a touch of style for your aesthetic preference. 

  1. Casetify

While browsing to find the best site for phone cases, we’re sure you’ll stop at Casetify. These phone cases stand out with their wide range of creativity that helps people personalize their tech in unique ways. Casetify has a lot of designs, from pictures to initials and much more – the choices are unlimited. They often collaborate with famous brands and artists, from K-Pop to sports, as well as offering an option to make a personalized case with the design of your choice. 

Pricing: Casetify prices are more on the premium side since they are exclusive products, but they are still worth the price for those who want to be different.

Peculiarities: It’s important to note that Casetify cares about recycling. This brand has a special line of compostable cases and a program called “Re/Casetify”, where you can send your old case for recycling in exchange for a discount on your next purchase.

Market Positioning: Their target market is tech-savvy individuals who love customization. It has a fan base that appreciates uniqueness and stands out from the rest.

Unique Selling Proposition: The brand’s customization options together with its environmental consciousness make an attractive offer for eco-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on style.

  1. Etsy

We can’t say that Etsy is the best site for phone cases, but there’s definitely a good chance to find a unique item when you know what you’re looking for. Etsy is a great site for small businesses and independent creators, this is a place where you can buy a one-of-a-kind phone case that was handpainted or has a unique printing. Etsy gives you a sense of community and personal connection with a seller, which is something you’ll never find in a big famous brand. 

Pricing: Etsy prices can vary widely depending on the particular seller you’ll find. So it’s a great place both for people who are low on budget and for those who are ready to pay for the unique item. 

Peculiarities: A purchase through Etsy almost always means supporting small businesses or individual artists.

Market Positioning: Etsy positions itself as a global marketplace where creative minds can share their art pieces across the world.

Unique Selling Proposition: Etsy has a huge variety of one-of-a-kind phone cases and a personal touch that mass-produced cases can’t have. 

  1. Society6

Society6 stands out from other websites with its artist-driven community. Here you’ll find thousands of excellent designs from talented artists all around the world. Society6 allows a buyer to own and carry art in their pockets, as well as ensuring creators are compensated. The name of the artist is written under every item, so you can easily go directly to their profile if needed.

Pricing: Society6 offers a mid-range pricing strategy. It’s a good value for money considering the quality and uniqueness of every design. 

Peculiarities: Every purchase supports the artist directly: it goes directly to the creator, who would receive a commission on the sale.

Market Positioning: Society6 is a great place for both art lovers and socially conscious buyers who want a fair price for unique items without a copyright infringement.

Unique Selling Proposition: This platform offers artist-commissioned designs on high-quality cases, where buyers can buy unique products and at the same time support the artist.

  1. Redbubble

If you want to explore other websites to find the best place to buy a phone case, consider checking Redbubble. It’s a great platform to buy different items, from iPhone cases to t-shirts and mugs, that feature original designs created by various artists. This website offers you thousands of unique phone cases, which means you’ll definitely find a case that suits your aesthetics. Redbubble’s focus on niche markets and fan communities allows it to capture a dedicated customer base. 

Pricing: Mostly affordable, having frequent offers and sales.

Peculiarities: The platform is great for finding fandom-inspired cases, from mainstream to obscure ones, which are not available elsewhere.

Market Positioning: Redbubble focuses on the niche interests and fandoms market, offering a wide range of designs covering almost every possible interest imaginable.

Unique Selling Proposition: It has unique designs that are hard to find elsewhere, making it a favorite option for self-expression.

  1. Amazon Handmade

Amazone Handmade successfully combines the convenience of classic Amazon shopping with unique products handcrafted by various artists. It’s a platform that introduces the beauty of handmade items to a mass-market customer base, bridging the gap between unique craftsmanship and mainstream buying behavior.

Pricing: Competitive prices with the advantage of free shipping for Amazon Prime orders.

Peculiarities: Great platform for those who trust Amazon’s customer service, but at the same time want to purchase something more unique and special.

Market Positioning: Amazon Handmade is a website for people who want to buy unique or personalized items using a well-known and safe platform.

Unique Selling Proposition: The site has a wide selection of unique phone cases supported by the reputation of being shipped and sold by Amazon.

  1. Wildflower Cases

While talking about the best place to buy a phone case, we should mention Wildflower Cases – an online shop that is popular for its limited-edition designs endorsed by celebrities and social-media influencers. It’s a family business owned by a mother and two daughters. By employing social media marketing as well as partnering with influencers, Wildflower has been able to build a strong brand identity and loyal customer base. Its strategy taps into the human need for both fitting in and standing out.

Pricing: Mid-range prices and a good value for money.

for those who want a touch of pop culture on their gadgets.

Peculiarities: The brand has grown from It has managed to win an extremely devoted following thanks partly to its clever use of social media and endorsements from famous people.

Market Positioning: Wildflower is a great option for young people who are active on social media and are interested in trendy designs and celebrity-endorsed products.

Unique Selling Proposition: This website has a lot of limited edition collections made in collaboration with famous social-media influencers.

  1. OtterBox

For those who value protection more than anything else, OtterBox offers cases that are almost impossible to break. Within the last few years, this brand has expanded its collections with more elegant designs, which shows its understanding of the market preferences for both safety and style.

Pricing: Higher prices, which are justified by the level of protection and a LifeProof warranty. 

Peculiarities: Recently, Otterbox expanded its offering by working with artists and brands introducing some aesthetically appealing alternatives.

Market Positioning: OtterBox’s brand name is strongly associated with high protection qualities. These cases would be a great choice for people who want their devices to stay safe in the first place without significantly compromising on style.

Unique Selling Proposition: Recognized for its virtually indestructible cases, OtterBox has also developed more aesthetically appealing designs without compromising the protection aspect.

  1. Speck

If you’re searching for the best site for phone cases from a military-grade protection point, this is definitely the right one. Speck cases were tested to survive in harsh environments to protect your phone from drops and scratches. The brand also has cases with antimicrobial coating. Their scientifically based materials paired with a sleek and stylish design made the brand stand out in the market. Also, it’s worth noticing that Speck offers cases for a lot of different phone models, not only for the iPhone and flagship Samsung phones as a lot of manufacturers do.

Pricing: Mid to high range, reflecting the advanced protection features as well as quality materials used in their products.

Peculiarities: In many cases, Speck integrates its covers with innovative technologies such as Microban antimicrobial treatment (a plus to potential users concerned about their health).

Market Positioning: With a sleek design and robust protection, Speck’s cases are great for people who are looking for durable and nice-looking cases.

Unique Selling Proposition: The super-strong yet slim-looking cases with military-grade protection used by Speck makes the company unique in the market. They have added Microban germ-destroying technology, which is great for anyone who wants to keep their devices clean and safe.

  1. Zazzle

In our list of top 20 websites for phone cases, Zazzle is a special one. It’s a website where you can get a phone case with your own unique design printed on it. On this website, you can pick your favorite brand and then choose the pattern that you would like to put onto it. This way, you will have your unique case from a high-quality brand.

Pricing: Mid to high range, depending on the brand and design you choose. 

Peculiarities: This is a special website where you can make your own design from scratch, as well as choose from already available templates.

Market Positioning: Zazzle cases are great for creative people who want a special design and a personal touch.

Unique Selling Proposition: If you are attached to a specific phone brand case but would love to make it more “you”, Zazzle is a perfect place to bring this idea to life.

  1. LuMee

LuMee cases are known for their built-in lighting, so they are very popular among photographers, bloggers or selfie enthusiasts. LuMee targets a small but expanding group of people who use mobiles mainly for creating content which was crucial in defining its buyers’ persona. LuMee stands for improving the functionality of a phone, as well as creating a stylish case that stands out from the rest. Their designs reflect an understanding of current trends emphasizing visual content.

Pricing: Higher end, due to the added technology and functionality.

Peculiarities: Their light adjustability feature helps people take photos and videos even in low-light conditions.

Market Positioning: LuMee uniquely targets photography addicts and social media enthusiasts with its innovative lighting technology for improved mobile photography.

Unique Selling Proposition: LuMee offers stylish cases with a built-in adjustable lighting feature that allows you to take great images at any given moment.

  1. Nomad

For minimalists and adventurers, Nomad creates durable phone cases using genuine Horween leather, offering a stylish and classy look. The mix of luxury materials with functionality makes these cases popular among people who value quality and sophisticated looks. Nomad stays for high quality, sustainability, and functionality.

Pricing: Premium, as you're paying for high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Peculiarities: Nomad goes beyond just beauty when it comes to their cases; they are also constructed for strength without compromising elegance in any way.

Market Positioning: Nomad cases are a perfect choice for people who value high-quality and long-lasting accessories.

Unique Selling Proposition: These are premium long-lasting cases made of high-quality leather, a material that ages gracefully and creates a unique look over time.

  1. Supcase

To find the best site for phone cases, take a look at Supcase – an online shop that offers an exceptional level of protection at a lower price range. Supcase Phone cases are good for active people who spend a lot of time outdoors or for those who tend to drop their phones a lot. The brand is well-known for its Unicorn Beetle PRO case series which provides an ultimate level of protection both for the back and front of your phone.

Price: Relatively fair prices compared to other cases with a similar level of protection.

Peculiarities: Despite their rugged appearance, Supcase’s covers are surprisingly slim and fit into pockets without any struggle.

Market Positioning: Supcase’s ultimate aim is to create affordable yet highly protective cases. It’s a perfect option to keep your phone safe in extreme conditions.

Unique Selling Proposition: Through the Unicorn Beetle line, which delivers exceptional safety within thin customer-friendly design lines, they have made advanced safeguards affordable to everyone.

  1. Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. stands for vibrant colors and beautiful floral designs. Started as a stationary company, they now produce a lot of other accessories, as well as phone cases. Rifle Paper Co. has a very distinctive and recognizable style, and their cases will certainly appeal to people who love floral patterns and want to give some color boost to their phone.

Price: Mid-range prices, a fair price considering the unique patterns.

Peculiarities: A phone case from Rifle Paper Co. is not just about bright looks, it also offers decent protection for your device.

Market Positioning: Famous lifestyle brand that brings creativity to your everyday life through its beautiful hand-painted artwork.

Unique Selling Proposition: Phone cases from Rifle Paper Co. will make your device both pretty and protected, offering a perfect mix of beauty and sturdiness.

  1. Tech21

Tech21’s main feature is impact protection cases. Their phone covers are made from strong but thin materials that will keep your phone scratch-free and protect your device if you accidentally drop it. The company also cares about the environment and sustainability by creating a line of cases that were made from old and returned cases.

Price: Mid-high prices given the advanced protection technologies used.

Peculiarities: Tech21 also stresses its green initiatives through its use of environmentally friendly cases manufactured with plant-based sustainable materials.

Market Positioning: The company is therefore seen as eco-aware taking into account both device protection and sustainability preferences of modern customers.

Unique Selling Proposition: Tech21 offers stylish phone cases made from scientifically proven impact materials. The company is constantly innovating its products, bringing new designs and features combined with eco-friendly technologies.

  1. Mous

The Mous cases are designed to be very protective while still being stylish to look at, offering a huge variety of materials ranging from genuine bamboo to leather. All of their cases incorporate their Airoshock technology for drop protection. Combining the latest technology and clever design, Mous provides products that fulfill customers’ desire for a durable phone cover without compromising on elegance. The company is also known for its line of high-quality magnetic accessories for wireless charging.

Pricing: Upper mid-range prices that reflect the innovative design and materials.

Peculiarities: Additionally, Mous has a line of magnetic accessories, such as wallets and mounts that can work with their cases for extra functionality.

Market Positioning: For users who want ultimate protection without compromising on style.

Unique Selling Proposition: The integration of AiroShock technology combined with Mag Safe compatibility, makes Mous product both very protective and functional. 

  1. Incipio

Incipio has an extensive range of cases to fit all tastes – from transparent clear designs to sturdy constructions providing the maximum possible safety. The company is focused on sustainability, which resonates with a growing awareness for implementing more environmentally friendly products into our world. Incipio offers a wide selection of cases that will appeal to people looking for durable, stylish, and at the same time eco-friendly products.

Pricing: Generally affordable, with options suitable for every budget.

Peculiarities: The company is known for selling a line of plastic-free cases (100% compostable).

Market Positioning: Emphasizing versatility and sustainability, Incipio caters to different classes of buyers through the diverse lines it offers – from transparent models up to heavy-duty ones.

Unique Selling Proposition: Incipio stands out with its case collection made of 100% compostable materials. The company also has a recycling program, where you can send them your old case and get a 20% discount for your next order.

  1. i-Blason

i-Blason is famous for its full-body cases that provide the highest level of protection while not covering up the look of the device, all thanks to the transparent backs and colorful bumpers. These cases were designed to protect your device from every scratch, bump, or drop and have raised edges and full camera protection. They have a wide selection of designs, starting from minimalistic transparent cases to bright and colorful covers. i-Blason answers the demands of fashion-conscious buyers who also prioritize high-level endurance when choosing phone cases.

Pricing: Affordable, especially for the level of protection offered.

Peculiarities: i-Blason’s selection of accessories also includes Apple Watch and Earbuds cases, as well as tablet covers, each of which offers the same level of protection. You can get a phone case and an Apple Watch case in complementary colors to create a perfectly matching look.

Market Positioning: i-Blason is known for its unique combination of style and protection, which is perfect for people who want full-drop protection without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of their devices.

Unique Selling Proposition: Each case from i-Blason is incredibly durable and at the same time very stylish. Their cases are kid-friendly and made to last for a long time.

  1. Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology is an Australian brand that makes phone cases and other tech accessories, such as cables, wall chargers, and wireless chargers. Their phone cases are designed to last, offering a high level of protection as well as great design choices. Griffin phone cases also come with extra grip and port covers that protect your device from dust and debris. 

Pricing: Mid-range, a solid investment for those looking for durable, functional cases.

Peculiarities: Griffin’s Survivor series is very famous due to its maximum level of protection, even in very harsh conditions. Each design comes in a few different colors which is also very handy. 

Market Positioning: Griffin Technology cases will be a great option for active people who spend a lot of time outdoors and need heavy-duty protection in extreme conditions.

Unique Selling Proposition: Griffin phone cases offer a good grip in hand and additional dust-proof covering to prevent dust and other particles from getting into the phone. Catching designs combined with great protection are what make them stand out.

  1. Snakehive

Snakehive specializes in fancy wallet cases made of natural leather. This brand stands out from the rest for its style: these cases will please those who love classic designs with a retro touch. Snakehive wallet cases combine elegance with utility: besides protecting your phone, they are also cardholders. Snakehive also offers standard phone cases, as well as Magsave card holders which you can buy separately. Every item is made from European nubuck leather that gives a luxurious appearance and feel. By putting great emphasis on the quality of their products, materials sourced, and workmanship, Snakehive differentiates itself as a top luxury brand. 

Pricing: The prices range between mid-range and high-end due to premium materials and attention to detail.

Peculiarities: Snakehive cases are made not just to protect your phone. They are stylish accessories for people who want to add exquisite detail to their sophisticated classic style.

Market Positioning: Snakehive cases are made for a niche market and look great with a business or business-casual style. It’s a great choice for people who prefer elegance and functionality.

Unique Selling Proposition: Made from European nubuck leather, Snakehive cases have smooth textures and sleek designs. Genuine leather ages gracefully, acquiring unique patinas that make the case even more special. 

Final words

This list contains everything you need to know about twenty phone cover retailers that will suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. No matter if you are an aesthetically oriented individual, an outdoor adventurer, or just a clumsy person – you will find what you are looking for in one of these companies. Choose a case that is sustainable, functional, stylish, or protective – you have a lot of variants that will match your needs and reflect your personality.

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