Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases
By Team E.
Mar 22, 24

Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases

Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases

Top 20 Sites for Exceptional Phone Cases

In the vast expanse of the digital age, where smartphones are as much a fashion statement as they are a technological necessity, finding the perfect phone case that marries personality with protection can seem like a Herculean task. Yet, amidst the ocean of online retailers and artisanal boutiques, there are hidden gems where the quest for that unique phone case ends. Today, let’s find the best place to buy a phone case, let’s overview the top 20 sanctuaries for phone case enthusiasts dissecting the nuances of price, range, and other peculiarities that make them stand out.

Finding the best site for phone cases: top 20


Known for its artistically inspired cases, offers a haven for those seeking both protection and style. Exploring feels like stepping into a gallery where every phone case is a piece of art, each meticulously crafted to resonate with the individuality of its owner. With a collection that dances between the abstract strokes of imagination and the grounded beauty of realism, Orase ensures there's something for everyone. This isn't just about making a statement; it's about finding a case that speaks to your soul, blending seamlessly with the tapestry of your daily life. In a sea of ubiquity, Orase's devotion to creating designs that break the mold sets it apart. But it's not just the uniqueness that captivates; it's their unwavering commitment to quality. Each case is a promise—a balance of aesthetic allure and the enduring protection your device deserves, guaranteeing not just satisfaction but a genuine delight in the product that safeguards your digital world.

Pricing: Mid-range, with the perfect balance between affordability and quality, often hosting sales that make their unique designs even more accessible.

Peculiarities: What sets Orase apart is their commitment to durability wrapped in creativity. Every case from is a declaration of their ethos: that the quest for digital safety can harmonize with personal style. Traversing through collections that span from the intricately abstract to the delightfully lifelike, Orase caters to an expansive array of individual styles and tastes. As we venture through a handpicked selection of the top 8 phone cases from Orase, it becomes clear that these aren't just protective shells but expressions of artistry and functionality that today's smartphone users seek.

  • **Aurora Sky Case:** Tailored for those who find solace in the stars, the Aurora Sky Case captures the ephemeral beauty of the auroras. Its design pays tribute to the night sky's awe-inspiring display, offering not just a shield for your phone but also acting as a gateway to the celestial marvels overhead, granting a slice of the astral wonder with each glance.
  • **Vintage Floral Art Case:** Paying tribute to the enduring charm of floral motifs, this case envelops your phone in an essence of vintage grace. Ideal for those with a heart for romance, it melds sturdy protection with the refined elegance of past aesthetics, making your device a timeless piece of art.
  • **Ocean Wave Case:** Crafted for souls drawn to the sea's call, the Ocean Wave Case embodies the wild spirit of the ocean's waves. More than its captivating looks, this case is a bastion for your phone, designed to navigate the daily currents and tides of life with unwavering resilience.
  • **Abstract Geometric Case:** Where geometry interlaces with abstract creativity, this case emerges as a striking piece for the minimalist who cherishes purity in design with a touch of the unconventional. It stands as a testament to the belief that protection for your phone can also be a bold statement of personal style.
  • **Cosmic Marble Cases:** Tailored for enthusiasts of the vast cosmos, the Cosmic Marble Case marries the mystique of the universe with the earth-bound allure of marble. It stands as a bastion of unparalleled protection, all while evoking the boundless splendor of space. Each time you behold your device, it's as if you're embarking on a captivating odyssey through the celestial infinity.
  • **Tropical Jungle Case:** Dive into the verdant depths of a tropical paradise with this case, an ideal companion for nature enthusiasts. Its lively design is fortified by a robust construction, offering your phone a haven amidst the urban sprawl's chaos, a slice of the jungle in your pocket.
  • **Retro 80’s Pop Case:** A vibrant tribute to the audacious era of the '80s, this case brings the decade's iconic prints and daring ideas to the forefront. Crafted for those who wear nostalgia proudly, it ensures your phone's safety in a package that's as exuberant and bold as the era it celebrates.

Each selection from's curated list not only serves as a guardian for your technological ally but also as a reflection of personal identity and aesthetic preference. These top 8 cases underscore Orase's dedication to blending artistic expression with practical utility, ensuring that every user finds a case that resonates with their unique sense of style while providing the essential protection every smartphone deserves.

Desert Sunset Case. Embodying the serene beauty of a desert at dusk, this case captures the heart of the wanderlust. Its protection is as steadfast as the desert's age-old sands, offering a tranquil haven for your phone against the rigors of travel and daily use.

In the world of, each phone case is more than just a protective shell; it's a canvas that reflects the user's personality, passions, and preferences. These top 8 selections illustrate the brand's commitment to merging artistic expression with practical functionality, ensuring that every case is a masterpiece that stands the test of time and technology. Whether you're drawn to the whispers of the cosmos or the silent strength of geometric abstraction, offers a sanctuary where style and security converge.

  1. Caseify

Going on to find the best site for phone cases, we surely will stop on Caseify. It stands out with its wide variety of options that let people personalize their tech in unique ways. You can choose from pictures, initials, and much more—the choices are limitless. 

Pricing: Slightly premium, reflecting the bespoke nature of their products. However, the price is justifiable for those looking to stand out.

Peculiarities: Caseify’s eco-friendly initiatives are noteworthy, offering a line of compostable and recycled cases for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Market Positioning: Caseify targets the tech-savvy consumer looking for customization. It appeals to a demographic that values individuality and personal branding.

Unique Selling Proposition: The brand’s bespoke customization options, coupled with its eco-friendly initiatives, provide a compelling offer for environmentally conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on style.

  1. Etsy

We can’t say that Etsy’s marketplace is the best site for phone cases, but it is one of the a treasure trove of handmade and custom cases from artisans around the globe. It’s the go-to place for unique, one-of-a-kind phone cases. Etsy’s strength lies in its diversity and support for small-scale creators, appealing to consumers who prioritize originality and craftsmanship. This approach fosters a sense of community and personal connection between buyers and sellers.

Pricing: Varies widely due to the nature of the platform, but there’s something for every budget.

Peculiarities: The direct line to craftsmen and women means purchasing from Etsy often supports small businesses and individual artists.

Market Positioning: Etsy serves as a global marketplace for unique, often handmade items, positioning itself as a hub for supporting independent artists and small businesses.

Unique Selling Proposition: Its wide variety of one-of-a-kind phone cases crafted by artisans around the world offers a personal touch that mass-produced cases cannot match.

  1. Society6

Society6’s unique selling point is its artist-driven community. The site features thousands of designs from talented artists worldwide, printed on high-quality cases. Society6’s model of artist commissions democratizes art consumption, allowing consumers to own and carry art in their pockets while ensuring creators are compensated, thereby nurturing a vibrant community.

Pricing: Mid-range, offering good value for money given the quality and uniqueness of each design.

Peculiarities: Purchases directly support the artists, who earn a commission on sales, making each purchase a support to the global art community.

Market Positioning: Society6 appeals to the art enthusiast and the socially conscious shopper, offering products that directly support the artists who design them.

Unique Selling Proposition: The platform stands out by offering artist-commissioned designs on high-quality cases, ensuring buyers receive unique products while supporting the arts.

  1. Redbubble

Looking for the best place to buy a phone case let’s make a stop on Redbubble. It connects consumers with a global community of independent artists. The diversity of designs is astounding, catering to almost any interest or aesthetic. Redbubble’s focus on niche markets and fan communities allows it to capture a dedicated customer base. Its broad range ensures that it can cater to diverse tastes, from mainstream to obscure.

Pricing: Generally affordable, with frequent deals and discounts available.

Peculiarities: Redbubble is particularly great for finding fandom-related cases that are often hard to come by elsewhere.

Market Positioning: Redbubble targets the niche interests and fandoms market, providing an extensive range of designs that cater to almost any imaginable interest.

Unique Selling Proposition: Its strength lies in offering specialized, often fandom-related designs that are hard to find elsewhere, making it a go-to for personalized expression.

  1. Amazon Handmade

Offering a wide array of handmade phone cases, Amazon Handmade combines the convenience of Amazon shopping with the uniqueness of artisan-crafted items. Leveraging Amazon’s colossal platform, Amazon Handmade introduces a mass-market audience to the charm of handmade goods, bridging the gap between artisanal craftsmanship and mainstream shopping habits.

Pricing: Competitive pricing with the benefit of Amazon Prime shipping for eligible items.

Peculiarities: It’s a fantastic option for those who trust Amazon’s customer service but are looking for something less mass-produced.

Market Positioning: Amazon Handmade combines the convenience and trust associated with Amazon with the desire for handmade, personalized items.

Unique Selling Proposition: The platform offers a vast selection of artisan-crafted phone cases, backed by Amazon’s customer service and shipping capabilities.

  1. Casetify

Boasting a mix of trend-driven designs and custom options, Casetify offers cases that are both stylish and protective. Casetify’s strategy of limited-edition collaborations creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, appealing to fashion-forward consumers. Its sustainability efforts resonate with eco-conscious buyers, enhancing brand loyalty.

Pricing: On the higher end, but the brand often collaborates with artists and designers for limited-edition collections that are worth the splurge.

Peculiarities: Casetify’s “Re/Casetify” program encourages sustainability by allowing customers to send back old cases for recycling in exchange for a discount on their next purchase.

Market Positioning: Casetify is positioned for the trendy and tech-aware consumer, emphasizing both fashion and function in its product lineup.

Unique Selling Proposition: The brand’s collaboration with artists and designers for limited-edition collections, alongside its “Re/Casetify” recycling program, sets it apart.

  1. Wildflower Cases

To do a full research of the best place to buy a phone case we should mention Wildflower Cases, known for their limited edition and celebrity-endorsed designs, they are for those looking to add a pop culture flair to their tech. Wildflower’s adept use of social media marketing and influencer partnerships has cultivated a strong brand identity and loyal customer base. Its strategy capitalizes on the desire for exclusivity and belonging.

Pricing: Premium, especially for cases from collaboration collections with influencers or designers.

Peculiarities: The brand has cultivated a cult following, thanks in part to its savvy use of social media and celebrity endorsements. 

Market Positioning: Wildflower targets the younger, social media-savvy demographic with its trendy designs and celebrity-endorsed products.

Unique Selling Proposition: Limited edition collections and influencer collaborations create a cult following, with designs that quickly become must-haves among trendsetters.

  1. OtterBox

For those prioritizing protection over everything, OtterBox offers cases that are virtually indestructible, without sacrificing style. OtterBox’s expansion into more design-focused products while maintaining its reputation for protection demonstrates a keen understanding of evolving consumer preferences for both safety and style.

Pricing: Higher price points, but justified by the unparalleled protection offered and the inclusion of warranty.

Peculiarities: OtterBox has expanded its design offerings in recent years, collaborating with artists and brands for more aesthetically pleasing options.

Market Positioning: OtterBox is synonymous with protection, targeting consumers who prioritize their device’s safety without significantly compromising on style.

Unique Selling Proposition: Known for its virtually indestructible cases, OtterBox has expanded its design offerings to include more aesthetically pleasing options without sacrificing protection.

  1. Speck

It is surely the best site for phone cases from military-grade protection point. Their cases are tested against extreme conditions, ensuring your phone’s safety. Speck capitalizes on a growing market demand for slim yet protective cases, distinguishing itself with scientifically backed materials and health-oriented features. This blend of aesthetics and functionality meets the needs of a broad consumer base looking for everyday durability.

Pricing: Mid to high range,reflecting the advanced protection features and quality materials used in their products.

Peculiarities: Speck often incorporates innovative technologies into their cases, like Microban antimicrobial treatment to reduce bacteria growth on your phone—a big plus for health-conscious users.

Market Positioning: Speck is strategically placed at the intersection of sleek design and robust protection, appealing to consumers looking for practicality without bulkiness.

Unique Selling Proposition: Speck really makes its mark by mixing super strong, military-grade protection into cases that still look slim and stylish. They've also added Microban's germ-fighting technology, which is great for anyone who wants to keep their phone clean and germ-free.

  1. LuMee

Famous for its built-in lighting, LuMee is a favorite among photographers, vloggers, and selfie enthusiasts. It offers cases that not only protect your phone but enhance its photography capabilities. By focusing on a niche yet growing segment of mobile phone users who prioritize content creation, LuMee successfully addresses a specific consumer pain point. Its emphasis on enhancing phone functionality through better lighting demonstrates a unique understanding of market trends towards visual content.

Pricing: Higher end, due to the added technology and functionality.

Peculiarities: The adjustable lighting on LuMee cases is a game-changer for capturing photos and videos in low-light conditions, making it a unique offering in the phone case market.

Market Positioning: LuMee uniquely targets the photography and social media enthusiast market with its innovative lighting technology for improved mobile photography.

Unique Selling Proposition: The built-in adjustable lighting on its cases not only enhances photo quality but also positions the brand as a must-have accessory for influencers and selfie aficionados.

  1. Nomad

For the adventurers and the minimalist, Nomad specializes in cases made from genuine Horween leather that patina beautifully over time, offering a rugged yet sophisticated look. The approach to blending luxury materials with functional design appeals to a discerning clientele that values products evolving with use. This strategy not only differentiates Nomad in a crowded market but also builds a narrative around each case as it bears the marks of its owner's adventures.

Pricing: Premium, as you're paying for high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Peculiarities: Beyond aesthetics, Nomad cases are built for durability, offering robust protection that doesn’t compromise on style.

Market Positioning: Nomad captures the essence of rugged sophistication, targeting adventurers and minimalists who demand durability without sacrificing style.

Unique Selling Proposition: The use of high-quality Horween leather that develops a unique patina over time distinguishes Nomad cases as premium, durable accessories designed to age beautifully.

  1. Supcase

To find the best site for phone cases, we invite you to, well known for its Unicorn Beetle line, Supcase offers exceptional protection in a more affordable range. Supcase is perfect for people who love the outdoors or tend to drop their phone a lot. It meets the needs of users who might not be the main focus of trendier brands by offering practical, straightforward protection without cutting corners. Plus, its affordable prices make it attractive to those looking for quality without spending a lot.

Pricing: Very competitive, offering great value for the level of protection provided.

Peculiarities: Despite their rugged design, Supcase manages to keep their cases surprisingly slim and pocket-friendly.

Market Positioning: Aimed at the outdoor and active lifestyle demographic, Supcase offers affordable yet highly protective solutions for mobile devices against extreme conditions.

Unique Selling Proposition: The Unicorn Beetle line exemplifies Supcase’s commitment to providing exceptional protection in a slim, user-friendly design, making advanced safeguarding accessible to all.

  1. Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. brings their distinctive floral and illustrative designs to the phone case world, perfect for those who love bold, artistic prints. Leveraging its distinctive artistic style, Rifle Paper Co. successfully taps into a consumer base looking for ways to express their personal style through their phone accessories. The brand’s crossover from stationery to phone cases exemplifies a successful expansion strategy based on strong design identity.

Pricing: Mid-range, a fair price for beautifully designed cases that stand out.

Peculiarities: The brand’s cases are not just about looks; they also provide decent protection, making them a great blend of form and function.

Market Positioning: Rifle Paper Co. appeals to consumers with a penchant for artistry and bold patterns, positioning itself in the lifestyle segment of the phone case market.

Unique Selling Proposition: Its unique floral and illustrative designs, combined with decent protection, offer a product line that is as beautiful as it is practical.

  1. Tech21

Tech21 focuses on impact protection without adding unnecessary bulk. Tech21's cases are crafted from materials tested and proven to protect your phone from falls and bumps. With a commitment to both safeguarding devices and embracing eco-friendly practices, Tech21 resonates with consumers who are increasingly conscious of the environment.

Pricing: Mid to high range, with the cost justifiable by the advanced protective technologies used.

Peculiarities: Tech21 also emphasizes environmental responsibility, offering cases made from sustainable, plant-based materials.

Market Positioning: Tech21 aligns with the tech-forward consumer who prioritizes device protection but is also conscious of environmental impact.

Unique Selling Proposition: Offering cases with scientifically proven impact materials and a commitment to sustainability, Tech21 stands out for its eco-friendly innovations in a product category often criticized for environmental neglect.

  1. Mous

Mous cases are designed to be extremely protective without sacrificing aesthetics. They have a range of styles from real bamboo to leather, all incorporating their AiroShock technology for drop protection. Mous combines cutting-edge technology with clever design to offer products that meet the fundamental consumer need for robust protection without sacrificing style. Introducing a range of magnetic accessories boosts its offerings, establishing Mous as a frontrunner in delivering practical, innovative solutions.

Pricing: Upper mid-range, reflecting the innovative design and materials.

Peculiarities: Mous also offers a line of magnetic accessories compatible with their cases, including wallets and mounts, for added functionality.

Market Positioning: Mous finds its niche among users who seek ultimate protection without compromising on style, offering a range of aesthetically pleasing yet highly resilient cases.

Unique Selling Proposition: The integration of AiroShock technology and compatibility with magnetic accessories offers users both unparalleled drop protection and enhanced functionality.

  1. Incipio

Incipio offers a wide range of cases that cater to all tastes, from clear cases that show off your phone’s design to heavy-duty options for maximum protection. Incipio’s focus on sustainability resonates with a growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. By providing a wide selection that doesn’t sacrifice style or protection, Incipio appeals to a broad consumer base looking for responsible choices in phone accessories.

Pricing: Generally affordable, with options suitable for every budget.

Peculiarities: The brand stands out for its commitment to sustainability, offering a collection of 100% compostable cases.

Market Positioning: Incipio caters to a wide audience with its diverse range of cases, from clear designs to heavy-duty protection, emphasizing versatility and sustainability.

Unique Selling Proposition: Its commitment to offering a sustainable collection of 100% compostable cases sets it apart in a market flooded with plastic-heavy options.

  1. i-Blason

i-Blason is known for its full-body cases that offer robust protection without obscuring the device's aesthetics, thanks to their clear backs and colorful bumpers. i-Blason understands that consumers do not want to compromise on the look of their smartphone for the sake of protection. By providing full-body coverage that still showcases the phone’s design, i-Blason meets the needs of style-conscious consumers who also demand high-level durability from their phone cases.

Pricing: Affordable, especially for the level of protection offered.

Peculiarities: Their Ares and Armorbox series are particularly popular among users looking for cases that can withstand harsh conditions.

Market Positioning: i-Blason is known for its blend of style and substance, targeting consumers who seek full-body protection without obscuring the aesthetic appeal of their devices.

Unique Selling Proposition: i-Blason's cases, particularly the Ares and Armorbox series, offer robust protection with clear backs and colorful bumpers, allowing the phone's design to shine through while safeguarding against drops and impacts.

  1. Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology provides cases that blend military-grade protection with practical design features, like extra grip and port covers to keep out dust and debris. Griffin Technology’s approach to design focuses on creating cases that offer both extreme protection and practical features for everyday use. This makes the brand particularly appealing to outdoor adventurers and people working in challenging environments, providing them with the peace of mind that their device is safe, regardless of where their day takes them.

Pricing: Mid-range, a solid investment for those looking for durable, functional cases.

Peculiarities: Griffin’s Survivor series is renowned for its ability to endure extreme conditions, making it a favorite among outdoor adventurers.

Market Positioning: Griffin Technology is aimed at consumers who lead an active lifestyle and require heavy-duty protection that can withstand extreme conditions, without sacrificing the phone's usability.

Unique Selling Proposition: Griffin's Survivor series is renowned for its ability to endure tough environments, offering features like extra grip, port covers to keep out dust and debris, and military-grade protection.

  1. Snakehive

Specializing in luxury leather wallet cases, Snakehive combines elegance with utility. Their cases are made from European nubuck leather, offering a sophisticated look and feel. By focusing on high-quality materials and craftsmanship, Snakehive distinguishes itself in the market as a luxury brand. Its wallet cases not only protect the phone but also serve as a stylish accessory, appealing to consumers who view their phone case as an extension of their personal brand. The gradual aging of the leather adds a personal touch, making each case unique to its owner and reflecting their lifestyle and usage patterns over time.

Pricing: Mid to high range, due to the premium materials and craftsmanship.

Peculiarities: Each case ages uniquely, developing a rich patina over time that adds character and tells the story of your adventures.

Market Positioning: Snakehive caters to a niche market that values elegance, sophistication, and functionality, offering premium leather wallet cases that appeal to professionals and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Unique Selling Proposition: Crafted from European nubuck leather, Snakehive cases stand out for their luxurious feel and the unique patina they develop over time, combining style with practicality through integrated wallet features.

In the quest for the perfect phone case, these twenty retailers offer something for everyone, from the aesthetically minded to the accident-prone. Whether you prioritize protection, style, functionality, or sustainability, there’s a case out there that fits your needs and reflects your personality.

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