What Does a Flashing Red Light on Your AirPod Case Mean?
By Team E.
Mar 22, 24

What Does a Flashing Red Light on Your AirPod Case Mean?

What Does a Flashing Red Light on Your AirPod Case Mean?

What Does a Flashing Red Light on Your AirPod Case Mean?

AirPods are now a must-have for people with smartphones because they are very easy to use and sound great.  But even the most tech-savvy among us can be stumped by the signals our gadgets give us, like when airpods blinking red. Fear not, as we dive into the meaning behind this mysterious signal and how to address it.

The AirPod case isn’t just a home for your wireless earbuds; it’s a protective shell that can be jazzed up with stylish covers from brands like Burga. Matching it with your phone case? That’s just the cherry on top. But beyond aesthetics, the case holds crucial indicators about the health and status of your AirPods, particularly through the color of the light that shines from within.

Unraveling the Colored Lights: A Guide to Your AirPod Case’s Signals

Ever wondered what the different colors on your AirPod case mean? Let’s decode these signals together. The case features a 'status light' that can either be on the outside (for second-generation AirPods and certain custom cases like Burga’s) or inside (for first-generation AirPods). This light can shine steadily or flash in different colors, each conveying a specific message about your AirPods’ status.

When Airpods Blinking Red

If airpods blinking red or amber can initially be alarming, but it’s usually a sign of a pairing hiccup rather than a cause for panic. This color typically indicates a pairing error, which can be resolved with a simple reset.

The Reset Routine

Resetting your AirPods is straightforward:

  1. Insert your AirPods into their case and securely shut the lid. Give them about 30 seconds of alone time.
  2. Open the lid but leave the AirPods nestled inside. Head over to your phone’s ‘settings’ menu, tap ‘Bluetooth’, and find your AirPods listed under ‘devices’.
  3. Hit the ‘i’ icon next to your AirPods, choose ‘forget this device’, and confirm.
  4. Steadily hold down the setup button found on the back of the case without letting go. Patiently wait until the light switches to white, which indicates a complete disconnection from all paired devices. At this point, you're all set to re-pair them, treating them as fresh out of the box. Should the reset not resolve the problem, seeking advice from a tech expert might be your next best step.

Deciphering When Airpods Flash Red

The Low Battery Warning

A solid red or amber light isn’t as ominous as it seems. If your AirPods are out of the case and you spot this light, it’s a heads-up that your case’s battery is low. You’ve got enough juice for one more charge before it needs recharging.

If the light appears while your AirPods are in the case, it means they’re currently charging. Endeavor to curb the temptation to remove them before they've reached a full charge. And if you see the airpods flash red while the case is plugged in, it’s simply letting you know that the case itself is charging. 

Charging Tips when airpods flash red

Ensuring Proper Connection

One of the initial steps to troubleshoot this issue is to check the charging connection. Sometimes, the simplest oversight, like not properly placing the AirPods in their case or a dirty charging port, can interrupt the charging cycle. Cleaning the AirPods and the case with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth can make a world of difference. Additionally, verifying that the charging cable and adapter are fully functional and compatible with your AirPods is crucial.


If wiping the connection clean doesn't fix the problem, try rebooting your AirPods. This step could eliminate small software bugs. Press and hold the setup button on your charging case's back until the indicator light turns from amber to white. After the reset, pair your AirPods with your device again, just like when you first got them.

Checking the Charging Source

Another common culprit can be the power source itself. Whether you’re using a wall adapter, a computer USB port, or a wireless charging pad (for AirPods Pro and some AirPods 2nd generation models), ensuring the source delivers adequate power is essential. Experimenting with various charging techniques or sources can help determine whether the problem originates from the initial charging configuration. 

Firmware Updates

Sometimes, updating your AirPods' firmware might fix the issue. Firmware updates automatically install when your AirPods are charging and connected to an iOS device. If you think your AirPods haven't updated, it's a good idea to connect them to an iPhone or iPad and look for updates in the settings. 

Expert Diagnostic

If these measures don't stop the red light from flashing, it could suggest a hardware problem that needs expert repair. Apple’s support team or a certified technician can provide further diagnostics and potentially necessary repairs.

In short

Encountering airpods blinking red can initially seem daunting, but often, the solution is within easy reach. From ensuring a clean and secure charging connection to resetting the device or updating its firmware, these steps can effectively address and resolve the issue, letting you return to your audio world with minimal disruption. Should these measures not suffice, seeking professional assistance is the next best step to ensure your AirPods return to their optimal functionality.

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